A former Romanian international, a tough message for coaches without a PRO license

A former Romanian international, a tough message for coaches without a PRO license
A former Romanian international, a tough message for coaches without a PRO license

The issue of unlicensed coaches has become a highly debated issue in the SuperLiga, and Bogdan Lobonț also spoke about the situation in which quite a few coaches in Romania find themselves.

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Bogdan Lobonț, sharp speech to coaches without a PRO license in the SuperLiga

Invited to the “Profu’ de Sport” podcast, Bogdan Lobonț, the former selector of the Romanian U20 national football team, spoke about the problem of unlicensed coaches in the Romanian championship.

“They all want to be coaches tomorrow. No, dad, you need school to be a coach! Everyone wants fast. But when you went to school, did you start from the 12th grade? Or at first? You need time.

OK, many say: “Oh, he was a high-level player and oh, well, he knows his job, he knows that.” No, it’s different. That’s what school is for, to learn.

What if after I turn 18 and I know how to drive because my father taught me how to drive a tractor, I get behind the wheel and drive on national roads, what does the Police do to me? Is he giving me a fine of 40,000 euros? No, I’m getting a criminal record. If – God forbid! – I have another accident, something worse happens, I risk going to prison.” – said “The Cat”, according to GSP.

Moreover, the former great Romanian international also spoke about the steps taken to obtain the licenses necessary to train.

Bogdan Lobonț gave Pep Guardiola as an example, the one who went through all the necessary stages and who is today one of the most successful coaches in the world.

“From 2019 until now, I have done License A and UEFA Pro. In 2014, I was the first generation at the “Kunst Ghermănescu” school, where I took the course to obtain the trainer’s card. That on the basis of the trainer’s card you can register after that to get all your licenses.

So 2014 to 2023 is how many years? Nine years until I get my Pro License. Day 8, that in the summer I got my Pro License at Coverciano. You must take these steps!

Everyone dreams of Guardiola, who went from the second team to the first team and had super performances. But ours forget that Pep took all the steps, got all his licenses and coached a season at Barcelona B first.” – said Bogdan Lobont.

FCSB, still without a coach with a PRO license

The situation at FCSB is what launched this controversy in Romanian football.

Mihai Pintilii was suspended for the fact that he was on the bench in SuperLiga matches, although he does not have a license, and the Romanian vice-champion was also fined in this regard.

The Red-Blues tried to find more solutions in this regard, including by offering Valentin Iliev, who refused to take over the SuperLiga team.

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