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“I believe him, we’ll talk tomorrow! If he has offers, he can leave”

Article by GSP – Published on Tuesday, 24 January 2023, 21:39 / Updated on Tuesday, 24 January 2023 22:14

Mihai Stoica (57), the general manager of FCSB, says that midfielder Boban Nikolov (28) could leave this winter.

In September 2022, Gigi Becali formalized a totally surprising transfer. North Macedonia international Boban Nikolov was regimented with bugles and trumpets. The midfielder made only 10 appearances at FCSB, and in the dispute with Hermannstadt, score 1-0, the only one since 2023, did not get the team.


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Mihai Stoica, about Boban Nikolov’s situation: “If he has offers, he can leave”

“Boban didn’t tell me anything, he was free on Monday and Tuesday. He came to the team late, he didn’t do the training. When you come after leaving Italy at home, right in Palermo, in the qualifiers for the World Cup, it’s normal to have some expectations…

He expected to play more. But at this moment, when there is a player who ends his contract in the summer, and the others have 3-4-5 years of their contract, it is more difficult. Can he play instead of Olaru, Edjouma? Because de Șut is not discussed at this moment, he is the keeper.

I think he’s unhappy, but he’s not the type to create a bad atmosphere. If he has offers, he can leave. We’ll talk on Wednesday.” said Mihai Stoica at Orange Sport.

Boban Nikolov

Do you know what’s going on? It’s the first time in many years that we have all the players fit. Now it’s taking time with Ovidiu Popescu because the distance from the injury is too short, but he can play too.

– Mihai Stoica, FCSB general manager

Transfer exchange at FCSB:

  • Trainer: Mihai Pintilii (confirmed)
  • coming: Deian Sorescu (Rakow)
  • return: Perianu (FC Botoșani)
  • Departures: Perianu (Chindia), Dumiter (FC Voluntari), I. Stoica (U Cluj), Musi (Poli Iasi), R. Boboc (free), M. Dulca (free), B. Rusu (CS Mioveni), Fl. Achim (free), Bouhenna (free), Ducan (free)

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