What education does Sorin have and what did he do before he was disfigured and became world famous

What education does Sorin have and what did he do before he was disfigured and became world famous
What education does Sorin have and what did he do before he was disfigured and became world famous
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What Sorin Comșa was doing before becoming internationally known: “In the last year, I didn’t really work”

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In addition to the 5,000 euros (about 25,000 lei) that he collected after defeating Alexandru Gorczyca (25 years old) in the final, Comșa also won a lot in terms of fame, especially due to the way he looked at the end of the competition less common. The international press wrote about him, and the legendary Conor McGregor sent him a message.

About a week after the event, Sorin Comșa gave an interview in which he revealed several unknown details of his life before “celebrity”.

I finished a high school, I got the Baccalaureate. I practiced freestyle wrestling, then I started powerlifting. After that, I kept to sports, to the gym, to myself.

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For now, I am not active in any field. Before I came to the contest I was at home, I was in Germany for a month to work. Otherwise, in the last year, I haven’t worked much“, said Sorin Comșa, on the “Fără Mănuși” podcast.

Sorin Comșa, “the champion who slapped him”, dreams of fighting in MMA

COMŞA he recovered physically and announced that he sees the clapping contest as a springboard to another career: that of MMA fighter.

I also watch boxing matches, I like them, but I think I’ll move to cage fighting“, transmitted Sorin Comșa.

It remains to be seen whether his strength and resistance to pain will be enough to succeed in an entirely different sport that requires a lot of training and techniques that are acquired over years of training.

Gorczyca disfigured Comșa, but let him go home with the 5,000 euros: “I don’t want to have anyone on my conscience”

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The opponent of Sorin Comșa from the finals of the RXF competition was Alexandru Gorczyca, who, although he lost, suffered less physically than the champion.

Gorczyca posted a short video clip explaining why she made the decision to retire and let her opponent take the big prize.

This is what I look like after the slap competition, I don’t want to know what my colleague looks like. I quit because I felt sorry for myself, not because I couldn’t. I have a bump, it will go away.

My respect to him, he’s done well, a good receiver, he hits pretty hard. I hope you understand why I quit, I don’t want to be on anyone’s conscience”, said Alexandru Gorczyca.

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