“Didn’t you want to take the money home? Come on, you’re leaving me!”

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This week an unusual competition took place in Bucharest, in which 8 contestants slapped each other in 1 versus 1 matches, in an elimination system, until only one was left standing.

Sorin Simion Comșa (24 years old) won the clapping competition organized by RXF Romania, at the end of some duels that left him disfigured.

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The slapping championship

Opponent in the final, Alex Gorczyca, came out with details on social media after the “match”, claiming that he backed down on purpose and let Comșa win.

“This is what I look like, I don’t want to know what my colleague looks like, I gave up because I felt sorry, not because I couldn’t anymore. I stayed on my feet, not like him. I have a bump that will go away. My respects to him, he did very well, he is a good cashier.

He also hits pretty hard, except he’s unconscious. I hope you understand why I quit, I don’t want to be on anyone’s conscience,” said Alex Gorczyca on TikTok.

The reply came from the fighter Sandu Lungu, who was the referee of the match: “That boy in the final should have taken it, he should not be ashamed that he lost. He says he felt sorry for him, ok, but even after the first match, Simion was like that, swollen, swollen, in the final that’s how it went. You had to shake hands with him, we want the money, you are the winner.

Be true fair play. You slapped him 12-13 times, did you feel sorry for him?! You didn’t want to take the money home? Come on, you’re leaving me! Mercy appears after one slap, two, you were a “boy”. You come now and say it’s a pity… you were finished, I was next to you and I saw.

After the first 3 slaps it started to hurt, it didn’t suit you anymore, you were sweating, you said it hurts your eyes, your ear, you started to find reasons, that you were hurt… You are very strong, Hats off!” said Lungu.

Warning, shocking images! Disfigured for 5,000 euros in the most barbaric competition in Romania

The competition was organized by the Romanian promotion RXF and won by a 24-year-old man from Alba Iulia, Sorin Simion Comșa, victorious despite the match in the final, with Alex Gorczyca, left him with a deformed face.

Shocking images from the clapping competition in Bucharest

Although the slaps received from the opponent in the final disfigured him, Sorin did not give in. He continued to hit and Gorczyca finally gave up, he informed the referee Sandu Lungu that he was getting beaten up.

Sorin Comșa won, thus, the prize of 5,000 euros. And the images of him being slapped and wearing the belt went viral, quickly spreading internationally.

The winner has the left side of his face swollen, bloody, and can barely keep his left eye open. But even so he had the strength to smile.

I entered this contest by accident. I saw an ad on Facebook and I said “why not?”

Most of the time I hang out on the terraces with friends, in the rest of my free time I visit the fitness room. Friends and family support me from home.

My parents were quite shocked when they heard that I would participate in the contest, but in the end they agreed. Of course I will win the big prize, I trust in my strength”, said Sorin before the competition”, Comșa said.

How Sorin Simion Comșa looked before the tournament:

The finalist of the clapping competition:

Final RXF Slap

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