Dumitru Dragomir wants a new law in Romanian football for coaches

Dumitru Dragomir wants a new law in Romanian football for coaches
Dumitru Dragomir wants a new law in Romanian football for coaches

Dumitru Dragomir asks the heads of Romanian football not to let Romania’s former great players spend many years at the Coaching School in order to obtain the PRO license.

Dumitru Dragomir said for ProSport that Coaching School from Romania and the heads of Romanian football must avoid embarrassing situations in which you differ former great footballerRomanians also prepare the teams, but they are put on the score sheet as coaches with goalkeepers or masseurs.

The former head of the LPF asks Răzvan Burleanu and Mihai Stochiță to get involved as soon as possible in the formation of a new law.

Dumitru Dragomir calls for a new law in Romania. “You can’t keep Pintails, Quail and the Tailor coming up with all kinds of tricks!”

“I saw that these people from the Training School keep trying to block one and the other, but aren’t you tired, brothers, of seeing these poor people resorting to all kinds of tricks? Well, coach with goalkeepers, masseur, well…I don’t know anymore…they go on the score sheet. Come, brothers, to their aid and stop torturing these people after a lifetime in football to spend another six years in school to get the legal right to coach with a PRO license. Some of them try to help them get it faster. Change the law. These boys of ours ended up going through the Republic of Moldova… because in our country school lasts a hundred years.

Burleanu and Stoichiță must make a move for a new law. At least for those who have been international and have a number of matches with the national team, something should be done, if not all of them can be helped. All kinds of individuals who you don’t even see training in League 1, not even in League 2, received the PRO license. And those who played in the national team, I mean Prepelita and Pintilii, we keep showing them the face and harassing them that we give them fines or I don’t know what…Try to come to their author. Don’t send six years off to school to waste time there. I agree that we also need school and pedagogy, but staying in that school for 100 years is not good either. After you’ve obtained I don’t know what license, it’s like, you have to take a break for a year. To activate somewhere through the lower leagues, and then move on to the next step. So what does that mean? Such a thing is not possible!” said Dragomir.

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