The mysterious death of the beautiful Sofia. The young wife of a mannequin…


A young top model was found breathless near a hotel in Istanbul, where she was for some modeling contracts. Sofia Olifirenko (23 years old), Russian by origin, was married to a model from Oradea, Istvan Sarkozy, who told Observer News that he believed his wife was murdered.

The press in Turkey writes that a young woman was found on the sidewalk near a central hotel in Istanbul after falling, under still unknown circumstances, from one of the hotel’s balconies. According to Turkish news sites, a man has been detained in connection with the case, but not many details are known.

Sofia’s husband, Istvan Sarkozy from Oradea, was in Romania when the tragedy happened. He said he had not been able to get in touch with the young woman and was worried. Finally, he went to the Police in Oradea and reported her missing: “We had a fight. We didn’t talk for two, three days and then when I tried to look for her, she wasn’t online. He has not been on Whatsapp for three days. I looked for her mother. Her mother knew that she was in Romania. I was shocked that no one knows what is happening”.

Later, he learned the cruel news. Devastated, Istvan went to Turkey in an attempt to find answers. “Someone killed her, she must have been dumped. Someone probably drugged her. She has never taken drugs in her life. I’m sure she wouldn’t have done something like that,” Istvan Sarkozy told Observator News from Antena 1.

The young man also published a message on social networks, as if for his wife. “Sofia, I can’t describe in words how much you meant to me and that you were everything that kept me going, my motivation, my engine for life. You were the best thing that ever happened to me, and now you’re gone forever, leaving me here in tears and with a broken heart. I wish you a safe journey to heaven my dear wonderful wife!”, wrote Istvan (photo).

(photo source: Facebook)

According to Antena 1, the young woman was in Turkey for several presentations and photo sessions. It is not known what exactly happened in the hotel room before the young woman lost her life.

Istvan Sarkozy from Oradea, a young man who has appeared in numerous international fashion campaigns, met the Russian Sofia right in Istanbul and fell in love with the superb top model.

(photo: Instagram)

The two got married in February 2022 in Oradea, according to Observator News. Besides, the young woman spent a lot of time in the town on Crișul Repede. On his Instagram account he has published many photos taken for example in the city center or in other tourist areas.

(photo: Instagram)

The tragedy also marked the couple’s relatives. “They were very happy. Two wonderful people. They complemented each other beautifully. Two people passionate about fashion, fashion. I would never have thought that such a tragedy would happen, especially since she had the experience of these contracts in Istanbul, on the fashion-management side,” Marius Molan, the owner of the M Models modeling agency, told Observer News.

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