The terrible drama of the top international model Istvan Sarkozy. The beautiful wife of the man from Oradea was found dead in Istanbul

Sofia was Russian from Vladivostok, and God seemed to have worked flawlessly when she conceived her. Both have known international success as top models, the native of Oradea also working for Yves Saint Laurent. and their love story began in Istanbul. They were both 23 years old.

On Monday, Istvan would go through the terrible drama of losing his beautiful wife. Sofia disappeared for three days in Istanbul, the city where the young people were ready to return after the wedding for new contracts, and where the young woman was under a two-month contract. Istvan announced on his social media account the tragic event. Devastated, the young man offered a link maybe and the press the situation.

“The foreign woman who allegedly fell from a height in İşli was found dead in the hotel. While police began an investigation into the suspicious death, it was learned that one person had been detained in connection with the incident.

The incident took place at the hotel located on Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Nakiye Elgün Street around 01:30 at night. It is alleged that a woman who was staying at the hotel “fell” from a height for an indefinite reason. Police, firefighters and paramedics were sent to the scene. The control carried out by the medical teams established that the woman had died. The prosecutor and the crime scene investigation teams, who came to the scene, examined the hotel and its surroundings. An incidental person was arrested. Following the examinations, the body of the girl who lost her life was taken to the morgue of the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Police investigation into the incident continues “… The same source reports that” Police teams were sent to the scene after the neighbors reported that in the forested area of ​​Mahmutbey district in Bağcılar district of Istanbul, around 19.00, there was a corpse . It was found that the body belonged to a 20-year-old woman. According to DHA news, according to the first examination performed on the body, which is considered one day old, no traces of aggression were found. An investigation into the incident has been launched. “

“Sofia I can’t describe in words how much you meant to me and that you were everything that made me move forward, my motivation my engine for life, you were the best thing that ever happened to me, and now you are gone for always, you left me here in tears and with a broken heart. Goodbye to heaven, I wish you my dear wonderful wife! ”, Wrote Istvan.

At the wedding, Istvan told humorously for Jurnal bihorean and how it all started. “I saw Sofia on the street, she was in front of me and a friend, together with her girlfriend. I dared to ask him for a cigarette because the tobacconists in Istanbul were closing very quickly, around 5, in Istanbul. He gave me two cigarettes and surprised me. I said maybe she was the one I was expecting. We started communicating, we invited her to town. Since then we are inseparable, we kept coming back to Romania, even if for Sofia obtaining a visa is more difficult because she is Russian. And because we realized we wanted to be together forever, we decided it was time to get married. It was all natural. We just realized that’s what we want. “

Drum lin, Sofia! Sincere condolences, Istvan and family!

Two top international models have initialed their love story in Oradea

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