Brutal! Adrian Mititelu fired, in just a few hours, six players and a coach from FCU Craiova

Brutal! Adrian Mititelu fired, in just a few hours, six players and a coach from FCU Craiova
Brutal! Adrian Mititelu fired, in just a few hours, six players and a coach from FCU Craiova
  • Superliga: Farul – University of CraiovaMonday, 20:30, DGS 1

  • Premier League: Aston Villa – LiverpoolMonday, 22:00, DGS 2

The people of Olten announced today that six players left, plus the coach with the goalkeepers. It is clear that further redundancies will follow, depending on the negotiations.

Adrian Mititelu gave up six players in a few hours, as well as the goalkeeper coach

For the first time, the FCU Craiova club announced the departure of Vlad Achim, a player who was not offered a new contract, although he even wore the captain’s armband this season. But after a few hours, the departure list became much longer. The Oltenians gave up two other footballers who were at the end of their contracts, Benjamin Van Durmen and Yassine Bahassa, but also decided to part with Gabriel Compagnucci, Leo Lacroix and Matheus Mascarenhas.

And one of the coaches has already paid for this season’s disaster. The FCU Craiova club officially announced the departure of the goalkeeping coach, the Italian Gabriele Aldegani.

“Thank you, Gabriele Aldegani! FCU 1948 and the goalkeeping coach, Gabriele Aldegani, decided by mutual agreement to terminate the collaboration contract. Thank you for your efforts at the club and we wish you the best of luck in the future!”says the official statement.

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Adrian Mititelu took responsibility for the team’s relegation

The wave of departures from FCU Craiova was somehow announced last night by Adrian Mititelu, who did not know what the strategy would be, but who said that several players had disappointed him, especially in the tense and delicate moments at the end of the season. In the flash interview he said that he is the main culprit.

“It’s a shock, we spent a lot of money, we’re on our knees now. We are at a turning point. I have some discussions in the family, they are right, I exposed them a lot. Know that we have brought around 12-13 million euros to the club since returning (no in League 1).

I am minus 20 million in 3 years. It’s not easy. In Craiova, probably a lot of people are happy. The supporters are right, but many of them show no respect for me. It’s hard to say you’re going to do it and you’re going to do it, when the same people come and swear at you”said Adrian Mititelu.

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