Freeing up phone memory with a quick trick


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Freeing up phone memory with a quick trick. WhatsApp and other messaging apps often occupy a few gigabytes of storage on your smartphone. Practically, when used regularly and for longer conversations. Combined with normal use of the device, this can quickly lead to storage issues on smartphones without expandable memory and not only. Which is quick setting, which saves us from this problem, we find in the following lines of the article. (Continue reading after the photo)

Freeing up phone memory with a quick trick

Even normal cell phone use, for example for photos, videos or apps, it requires a lot of space on the device. This makes it all the more important to regularly check your smartphone storage and, if necessary, delete unnecessary files to make room for new content, according to

However, it is often the case that WhatsApp puts a strain on the mobile phone’s memory beyond the application. Aside, the messenger save the images that have been taken and sent in the chat in the smartphone’s photo gallery. On the other hand, the photos you receive also go into the records.

WhatsApp for iOS

The fact that WhatsApp not only saves the images sent and received in the chat itself, but also in the records of the smartphone, pcan be easily disabled in iOS. With the following setup, you’ll have more storage available again in no time:
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  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  2. Then go to the “Settings” tab.
  3. Now select the “Chats” section.
  4. Disable “Save to camera roles”.

Now only the pictures you took in chat and then sent are saved in your records.
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WhatsApp for Android

Unfortunately, on Android you cannot stop WhatsApp from saving media to gallery. If you still don’t want to lose track of your image gallery, you can prevent your photos and videos from showing up there:


  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. Now open the settings here
  3. In the “Chats” tab you will find the item “Media Visibility”
  4. Here you can now disable “Show newly downloaded media in phone gallery”.

Now WhatsApp media will only be displayed in chat. In iOS, media duplicates are created. On Android, the photo is too deleted from the chat as soon as you remove it from the gallery. On Android it’s just a shortcut, but iOS stores a copy in Photos, which remains even if you delete the original WhatsApp.

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