Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu clapped hands with the farmers from Afumati for the end of the protests!


Oana Timar
– February 2, 2024 5:53 p.m

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and representatives of farmers and transporters from Afumați signed today, Friday – February 2, at the Victoria Palace, an agreement ending the protest actions, according to a Government press release.

The Prime Minister invited the representatives of farmers and transporters, who are protesting in Afumați, to a new round of discussions at the Government headquarters. The Minister of Agriculture, Florin Barbu, also took part in the meeting, as Agrointelligence – AGROINTEL.RO announced this morning.

The agreement between the farmers from Afumati and the prime minister signed provides that on Monday, February 5, by the decision of the prime minister Marcel Ciolacu, an interministerial committee will be established, at the level of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, to analyze and find the best solutions for the claims the protesters.

The committee will be made up of representatives of line ministries and farmers and transporters. Each minister will appoint a secretary of state from his subordinate, who will be part of the committee, and manage the reported problems. Concrete cases that concern a single field will be managed at the level of the relevant ministry, together with the social partner. The purpose of the Committee is to resolve the claims of farmers and transporters and to draft concrete solutions proposals for the economic sectors in question.

Based on the agreement, the farmers end their protest actions

Based on this agreement, signed on behalf of the Government by the head of the Executive, Marcel Ciolacu, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Florin Barbu, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Mihai Ghigiu, and the state adviser in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery Daniel Botănoiu, the representatives of the protesters will end the protest actions both in the Capital and in the territory.

The decision of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu regarding the establishment of this Interministerial Committee will be published on Monday, February 5, in the Official Gazette.

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