Vladimir Pustan jr., the pastor’s son arrested for drugs, was…

Vladimir Pustan jr., the pastor’s son arrested for drugs, was…
Vladimir Pustan jr., the pastor’s son arrested for drugs, was…

Vladimir Pustan jr., the son of a pastor arrested for trafficking in prohibited substances, was a policeman for 5 years, first at the Bucharest Police, and from 2018 at Beiuş. He resigned from the Police in 2019.

Vladimir Pustan Jr. is a graduate of the Septimiu Mureşan School of Police Agents in Cluj, and in 2015 he was assigned, as a police officer, to the 1st Police Department in Bucharest, where he remained until 2017, when he returned to Beiuş, as a neighborhood policeman .

However, he did not stay long, because in 2019 he resigned, dissatisfied with the agent’s salary.

Since then, he has been working at the “Cireşarii” Foundation (founded by his father), as a media operator and vlogger, the two having their own YouTube channel, called “Medievalii”, on which, in the past years, pamphlet or satire shows appeared , in which Pustan and his son debated topics of national and international interest.

In some of these videos, the bank account details of Vladimir Pustan jr. were also published, where fans could transfer sums of money.

In 2020, Vladimir Pustan jr. flirted with politics. He joined the People’s Movement Party, from which he ran both for the position of local councilor in Beiuș and for the position of county councilor, but he did not get either of them.

Now, he is behind bars, being remanded in custody for 30 days, at the request of DIICOT Oradea prosecutors, who accuse him of trafficking in prohibited substances.

As the Bihor already reported, the 31-year-old man was arrested along with two other young men, Ionel Gug, 25, from Finiş commune, and Bogdan Sabău, 25, from Beiuş. The latter are being investigated for high-risk and high-risk drug trafficking, and Pustan jr. he is accused of dealing with products likely to have psychoactive effects.

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