The tunnel under Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital leads to a blast-proof door. New pictures from inside

The tunnel under Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital leads to a blast-proof door. New pictures from inside
The tunnel under Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital leads to a blast-proof door. New pictures from inside

The Israeli military released images of a tunnel discovered under Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa. The tunnel would lead to a Hamas command center.

Images also emerged of hostages brought by terrorists to Al-Shifa hospital on October 7. Meanwhile, the army is fighting Hamas terrorists in the area of ​​another hospital in Gaza, a medical facility funded by the Indonesian state.

There is heavy fighting in the area of ​​the Indonesian hospital in Gaza, surrounded by Israeli tanks. They are dead and wounded, the Hamas-run Health Ministry says, after an Israeli airstrike on Monday morning. But a projectile would have hit the second floor of the hospital, where there are 700 people, refugees, patients and medical staff

Meanwhile, 28 of the 31 premature babies who were transferred from Gaza’s main Al-Shifa hospital to the Rafah maternity hospital in the south over the weekend have been transferred further to Egypt.

Three newborns who have serious infections remain in Gaza, according to the World Health Organization. As 260 patients in critical condition remain stuck in Al-Shifa hospital.

On the other hand, the Israeli army has to justify the raid on this hospital and presented what it considers to be new evidence showing that Hamas used the major hospital in Gaza for terrorist and military purposes.

On the one hand – a tunnel, dug ten meters deep, under the hospital, through which you can enter from the premises of the medical complex. The tunnel leads to a blast-proof door like Hamas uses for its command centers.

On the other hand, the Israeli military has released surveillance footage – which allegedly shows two hostages, one wounded, being taken to Al-Shifa hospital on October 7, the day of the bloody raid carried out by Hamas in Israel, at the kibbutzim near the border with Gaza.

Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israeli army: “They were filmed on October 7 at 10:55 in the morning. Here you can see how Hamas comes with a hostage inside the building. The man doesn’t seem to need treatment, but they’re taking him to the hospital.”

Other images show an injured man being carried on a stretcher, surrounded by several individuals, at least four of whom are armed.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari: “Terrorists are guarding the room.”

The army also claims that the medical report determined that a young Israeli soldier found dead last week was wounded in an airstrike and then killed by Hamas terrorists in the hospital. The soldiers found his body lying on a stretcher in the yard of a building adjacent to the hospital.

Daniel Hagari, Israeli army spokesman: “During the fighting, the Hamas terrorist who was holding her hostage was killed and she was wounded, I repeat, only wounded. An independent autopsy showed he suffered non-life-threatening injuries. We have concrete information that Hamas terrorists took Noa to the Shifa hospital where she was quickly killed.”

Even as brutal fighting continues between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, there are signs that weeks of indirect hostage-free negotiations involving the United States and Qatar are finally making progress.

Israel’s ambassador to America said there was hope that a significant number of hostages could be released in the coming days in exchange for a brief truce.

Jon Finer, US national security adviser: “We are closer than we have ever been (to a deal) since the negotiations began weeks ago. Several issues of disagreement have disappeared or are about to be resolved.”

The Qatari side stated that only a few logistical details remained to be determined. And the Americans say 12 or more hostages could be freed during an extended pause, when more humanitarian aid is distributed to the Gaza Strip.

Source: Pro TV

Publication date: 20-11-2023 20:08

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