ANIMATION. The full movie of the robbery in Sibiu turned into murder. While torturing his father, the thieves also threatened Adrian Kreiner’s daughter with the gun



The crime in Sibiu. New shocking details from the night of the crime in Sibiu. Adrian Kreiner was severely beaten, before being tied up and suffocated. That’s what the prosecutors discovered. The millionaire’s daughter also saw her death with her own eyes. She was threatened with a gun to tell where her father kept the money. 2 weeks after the murder, the leader of the group is free. He was lost in France. For the other two, captured in Northern Ireland and Scotland, extradition is expected. I warn you that information with a strong emotional impact follows.

By Cristina Filip on 20.11.2023, 20:15

A surveillance camera captured the three suspects right before they ran into Adrian Kreiner. They walk down the street in a hurry, with caps and hoods pulled over their heads. They all have surgical gloves and thick clothes. The man in the gray jacket waves a gun in his hand. He turns several times to the one walking behind and seems to be giving him directions. It would be the former boxer, Laurentiu Ghiţă.

The full movie of the robbery in Sibiu turned into murder

Dan Antonescu, criminalist: Those who commit crimes always have this look over their shoulder. Keeping those hoods on their faces, even the gloves, in their minds means they remain anonymous.

A few moments later, the three enter the businessman’s villa.

Cristina Filip, Observer reporter: The investigators recreated the exact film of the crime, and the details are shocking. Adrian Kreiner was brutally beaten all over his body. The three then tied his hands behind his back using a special intervention forces technique – called “Arbatachar”, a barbaric method used by the Senegalese to torture prisoners.

The millionaire’s daughter, who was in the bedroom on the 1st floor, heard noises and came out to see what was happening. Two of the attackers see her and run after her. The 23-year-old returned to the room and locked the door. He got hold of a knife, hid in the dressing room and called 112. It is not clear if the operator answered because the men immediately broke down the door.

Adrian Kreiner’s daughter: They hit me on the hand, my phone and knife fell. The shorter man pushed me with his legs and started hitting me, lifted me from the ground, threatened me with the gun to my temple, she told the investigators.

Observator sources say that Laurentiu Ghiţă is the one who would have threatened her. After stealing the 16 watches worth 200 thousand euros, the individuals flee. They are filmed by a surveillance camera as they run down the street. They stop in the apartment rented in Sibiu by Costinel’s girlfriend Cosmin Zuleam and then leave for their accomplice, Ilie Sitariu, in Timiş.

Iulia Pop, Observer reporter: Two days after the robbery, they found out, while they were at a restaurant in Dumbrăviţa, that Adrian Kreiner had died in the hospital. The news upsets their plans, and the three decide to flee the country. In a few hours, Ilie Sitariu takes one of them to Hungary, to the Nădlac customs office.

After they are identified, their reports reach all the countries with which the Romanian Police collaborates. Cristian Marian Minae and Laurentiu Ghita flee to Great Britain. Minae is spotted in Northern Ireland, in Belfast. Laurentiu Ghiţă leaves Romania on November 13 and is picked up from the port of Stranraer, in Scotland, as soon as he gets off the ferry.

Ioan Oltean, Romanian lawyer Scotland: He will be presented at the sheriff’s court in Edinburgh. The accused has several options at his disposal. It remains to be seen whether or not he will oppose the arrest warrant issued by the Romanian state.

Leonard Şerban, lawyer: If the person opposes this European mandate, then the court must not exceed the 60-day deadline. And this decision is subject to appeal and can automatically be extended up to 180 days.

The leader of the group – Costinel Cosmin Zuleam, known as Olteanu, is still missing. Observator sources say that he fled the country with his girlfriend. He was last spotted in France, and from there he was lost.

All three are recidivists and have rich records – from petty thefts to thefts of millions.

Cristian Marian Minae, called “Prison”, an individual with five classes, started his criminal career 15 years ago. After two thefts of scrap metal, he moves to the heavyweight division. In 2013, in Galicea Mare from Dolj, over two husbands entered and stole a million lei. It uses the same mode of operation as in the case of Kreiner. They tie people up and torture them until they find out where the money is.

Robbery Victim: Terrible. He stabbed me with the knife. I was pierced into submission, torture. They came with a rope. Three came in on us. This was the worst of them. (no – Cristian Marian Minae).

From the loot, he buys a car, 70 sheep and 42 goats, and takes 12,000 euros to a bank in Craiova. He’s been in prison for five years. After his release, he commits another burglary, and then joins a group that deals with migrant trafficking. Most likely, he also knew Ilie Sitariu then, also investigated for human trafficking, in another case.

The former boxer, Laurentiu Ghiţă, has eight grades and many thefts. From wood, scrap metal, to cigarettes. He received suspended sentences for all of them. He’s behind bars for just 11 months after being caught driving without a license. Costinel Cosmin Zuleam strikes in Slovenia three years ago. He broke into a store in a mall and stole phones worth 155 thousand euros.

The three now risk up to 25 years in prison for aggravated murder and robbery.

Cristian Marian Minae

2008 – theft – 7 months in prison

2012 – theft – 2 years and 8 months in prison

2013 – robbery – 5 years in prison

2020 – theft and driving without a license – pending case

2021 – migrant trafficking – file pending

2023 – murder and robbery

Laurentiu Ghita








Costinel Cosmin Zuleam



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ANIMATION. The full movie of the robbery in Sibiu turned into murder. While torturing his father, the thieves also threatened Adrian Kreiner’s daughter with the gun

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