“Statistics never lie.” What does Granit Xhaka reproach him with!


Article by Theodor Jumătate – Published Monday, November 20, 2023, 1:30 p.m. / Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 1:44 p.m.

Before Tuesday’s match in Bucharest, Granit Xhaka is again angry with the selector Murat Yakin, who uses him in the national team in a more withdrawn position compared to the one in Leverkusen. “The coach sees how dominant I am at the club,” thundered the Switzerland captain.

The Swiss are at the Euros, their third consecutive continental final tournament, their 6th appearance at the WC and EC in a row. But the atmosphere is still not good. Not at all. It is not only the results that are causing concern and nerves in the dressing room and in the stands, the five draws in the last six games.

Granit Xhaka: “Murat Yakin decides where I play for the national team, it’s not my mission”

The conflict between the selector Murat Yakin and the captain Granit Xhaka has rekindled now, before the confrontation with the “tricolors” from Bucharest, a dispute also noticed by the daily Blick.

In an interview conducted after the 1-1 draw with Kosovo, the SFR reporter asked him again about the position he plays in the national team, in front of the defense, but more withdrawn than at Leverkusen, the leader of the Bundesliga, and Xhaka reacted, visibly displeased.

“The coach sees how dominant I am in the position from the club team. And people notice my performance in Germany. However, Murat Yakin decides where and how we develop in the group, this is not my mission”. replied the 31-year-old midfielder, who holds Switzerland’s cap record (120)


Shocking atmosphere in the Swiss, although they qualified: “For a long time it is no longer related to sports” » “Tricolori”, give an example

Xhaka also linked to the fact that he has very good numbers when playing for Bayer, adding: “Statistics never lie. Not even now.”

Murat Yakin: “I don’t know why the subject of the conflict with Granit Xhaka is constantly brought up”

Yakin, 49 years old, since 2021 on the bank of Șării Cantoanelor, also got involved in the discussion. “In a central line of three, Xhaka is in front of the defence. Granit needs a central position, where he can feel comfortable and where he can have a leadership role. But he can be flexible in switching roles with his teammates.” declared the selector, also irritated: “I don’t know why people are constantly bringing up this subject, asking if there is something between me and Granit”.

The technician is angry with the Swiss journalists, feeling that he is the main target of the attacks: “We almost had to apologize for not qualifying for the European Championship after the sixth stage. It has not been related to sports for a long time”.

26of goals (14 goals and 12 assists) influenced Granit Xhaka in 120 matches for the Swiss national team since 2011

“It doesn’t matter if Xhaka is used as a number 8 or a number 6, he has to ask for the ball, calm the game and pass cleanly, to escape the pressure” – Benjamin Huggel, SFR expert, ex-Swiss international

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