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Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, the flash memory subsidiary of Kingston Technology Company, Inc. world leader in the field of memory products and technological solutions, announces its positioning by TrendForce as the best third-party supplier of SSDs, for the whole year 2022.

According to the latest data, the global SSD market has rectified its demand and supply dynamics in 2022. This comes after an integrated circuit (IC) crisis slowed down the market in 2021. Even so, global SSD shipments fell to just 114 million units delivered in 2022 – a 10.7% drop from the previous year.

However, Kingston remained the primary SSD shipment leader in 2022, maintaining a solid lead and market share growth from 2021. Even with market challenges, the top five third-party (non-semiconductor) vendors represented nearly 60% of total shipments in 2022. The results solidified Kingston as the clear leader in SSD production, as the second-ranked vendor accounted for just 9% of the total market.

With the global economy still struggling in 2023, when notebook and desktop shipments have faced constraints, memory manufacturers have strategically managed their inventory burden, thus managing to offer competitive pricing in their sales strategies. As the third quarter drew to a close, the market situation saw a rapid transformation, driven mainly by lower production costs of NAND Flash module suppliers. This shift was particularly evident in cost dynamics for SSDs, ultimately favoring module manufacturers with less expensive inventory.

Demand for PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs continues to define the market landscape, forcing module manufacturers to switch from SATA to PCIe. TrendForce predicts that providing NVMe upgrades will likely increase brand awareness and continue to drive shipments. In 2022, Kingston expanded its product range as well as offerings in the external and encrypted memory categories. With the 2022 launch of its new NV2 drive, it has quickly become the most popular of Kingston’s range, with over 12 million units sold worldwide since launch. Following the success of the award-winning Kingston FURY Renegade SSD, Kingston has refreshed the drive to include a heatsink option, ideal for console and PC gamers. This highlights Kingston’s continued focus on developing high-quality NVMe solutions.

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In addition to expanding its product portfolio to better align with customer buying trends, Kingston offers world-class sales support and access to experts and engineers. This has resulted in over three decades of success in terms of reliability and customer support. Kingston’s No. 1 ranking in the SSD market is no surprise, given that the same approach within the DRAM division led the company to be the largest third-party supplier of memory modules for the 20th consecutive year.


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