“I could have gotten a much bigger role for her”

“I could have gotten a much bigger role for her”
“I could have gotten a much bigger role for her”

There is a lot of competition between the children of the stars! They are all fighting to become, more recently, actors in feature films. Sânziana Buruian’s daughter, Izabela, also got, in the last hundred meters, a role in BRomania’s film, “Tati part-time”, alongside Eva and David Măruță.

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Eva, David and Iza, at the filming for “Tati part-time” source personal archive

The stars’ children met in BRomania’s already famous comedy for parents, “Tati part-time”, a film that will be released in cinemas on January 2, 2024.

That’s how it is that Eva and David Măruță bumped nose to nose at the filming, last month, with Izabela Zuluf, the talented daughter, fashion model, of Sânziana Buruiană.

Sânziana Buruiană: “Eva and Iza became friends during filming”

The kids got along great on set and made a great team, making friends on the spot.

Sânziana Buruiană is very proud that her daughter, Izabela (age 7) also got a role, even if a smaller one, in BRomania’s film.

“Iza took a casting and filmed for 3 days. She is one of the guests at a children’s christening party.

He got along great with Eva, they are close in age and became friends, but also with David, who also appears in the film.

I found out late that this movie is being made, Iza appears in the final scenes. If we knew earlier we could get a much bigger role for her.

She is very talented, plus she is used to this world, she is not afraid of the camera at all“, declared Sânziana Buruiană, for Click!

Eva Măruță is Alex Bogdan’s girlfriend, in “Tati part-time”

Eva, the 8-year-old daughter of Cătălin Măruță, makes her cinematic debut, at only 8 years old, in BRomania’s film, in which she plays the main role, alongside Alex Bogdan.

More precisely, Eva plays in the film the role of the character Maya, the daughter of Alex Bogdan, who plays the lawyer Iustin.

The film is a saucy comedy for parents, made under the aegis of Vidra Productions.

Eva Măruță can’t wait to make her debut on the big screens. She did very well in the role of actress, being praised even by BRomania, who sees in her a real talent.

“Last night I shot the last scene of the movie Tati part-time and I already miss hugging my co-stars.

It’s been a beautiful month and I hope you enjoy our film! Since January, at the cinema!”, Eva told on social networks, at the end of the filming, which took place in October.

“Part-Time Dad” is a brave comedy for parents, parents-to-be or anyone who wants children.

It remains to be seen if they still want it after seeing the movie. Let’s go!“, was the message posted by Matei Dima, aka BRomania, from Vidra Production, who made films such as “Teambuilding”, “Action Pack”, “Miami Bici”, “Romina, VTM” and many others.

The film “Tati, part-time” also marks the directorial debut of Letitia Roșculeț, being based on a script written by herself and Matei Dima. The film is to be released in cinemas at the beginning of next year, more precisely on January 2.

The cast of the film also includes actors such as: Raluca Aprodu, George Ivașcu, Doina Teodoru, Nelu Cortea, but also many surprise guests, who will be announced along the way.

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