Here are the most common myths about oral health for babies and toddlers

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If baby teeth are still going to change, is it really that important to treat them if they have cavities? Can breast milk cause cavities in children? Is fluoride in toothpaste dangerous for young children? Find out here the most common myths related to the oral health of babies and young children from Asma Battah, a dentist at the Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics.

Asma Battah, dentist from Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics

“The most common myths about the oral health of babies and young children are:

  1. Teething causes fever
  2. Baby teeth should not be brushed because they change
  3. Baby teeth do not need to be treated
  4. Breast milk does not cause cavities
  5. Fluoride in toothpaste harms the child


Myth: Teething causes fever

In tooth eruption, the child may present a mild form of fever, expressed by temperature up to 38.5 degrees C, hypersalivation, diarrhea and gingival inflammation. A higher temperature may indicate a viral or bacterial infection, which may lead to enterocolitis, laryngitis, hand-foot-mouth disease, etc. Therefore, the recommendation is for the child to be seen by a pediatrician in such situations. The pedodontist can make recommendations regarding home care for newly erupted teeth.


Myth: Baby teeth should not be brushed because they change

Milk teeth are, perhaps, even more important than permanent teeth, since the harmonious development of the jawbones and the space for the future permanent teeth in the oral cavity depends on them. They must be taken care of both at home, with great attention to daily brushing in the morning and evening, as well as through periodic visits to the dentist.


Myth: Baby teeth do not need to be treated

Repeated untreated infections in baby teeth can do enormous damage. In addition to the unsightly appearance, the child can also suffer from pain, his immunity decreases, he does not feed properly, he does not rest. In a word, the whole organism suffers. That is why it is good to bring children to the dentist from the first tooth, for prevention, and if, however, it comes to dental caries or various traumas, a visit to the dental clinic becomes mandatory.


Myth: Breast milk does not cause cavities

Following clinical studies, it was found that the lack of lactoferrin in breast milk can accelerate the development of caries. It is important that, after each feeding, the child is wiped with a compress soaked in water or washed on the teeth and gums.

Otherwise, during the night, the milk left on the tooth surfaces ferments and leads to the appearance of baby bottle caries and even the complete loss of the dental crowns.


Myth: Fluoride in toothpaste harms the baby

As in all aspects of life, balance is key. Administered in correct amounts, adapted to age and weight, fluoride helps remineralize tooth enamel. Because it inhibits the action of some enzymes at the level of the oral mucosa, capable of favoring the formation of organic acids with a role in the degradation of tooth enamel, this mineral contributes to preserving the integrity of the enamel.

Fluoride becomes dangerous when ingested in large amounts over a long period of time. Too much fluoride from a young age can cause dental fluorosis,” he explained Asma Battah, dentist.

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