The Galaxy Z Flip series will have a long life, with Samsung trademarking the Galaxy Z Flip6 and Galaxy Z Flip7


Companies active in the tech area are used to registering trademarks of finished products, in order to secure the right to use these names. That’s exactly what he did recently Samsung which registered the trademarks Galaxy Z Flip6 (here) and Galaxy Z Flip7 (here), a sign that the Galaxy Z Flip series of foldable models will have a long life.

The news does not surprise us considering the fact that we have seen such trademarks over the years filled long before the phones officially debuted. There are also cases where companies register trademarks just to reserve the names in question, even if they don’t plan to use them, and the examples are numerous. The same happens with inspired web domains that end up selling for a lot of money.

Returning to Samsung, we know that the Galaxy Z Flip6 will arrive on the market in the summer of 2024 and that it will bring important changes to the camera department. We will finally have a resolution upgrade to 50 mpx, this in the scenario where all the Flip models so far had a 12 mpx wide + 12 mpx ultra-wide combo.

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