Edward Sanda, criticized by comedians


The exit from the America Express competition of the team Cleopatra Stratan / Edward Sanda was the reason for comments in showbiz. The artist was charged by Cătălin Bordea, who believes that the son-in-law of Pavel Stratan did not show manhood in the confrontation with the motorcyclists who threatened him with guns in Colombia.

Edward Sanda faces a wave of criticism after being eliminated from the competition Not only some fans of the show were outraged. Comedians Cătălin Bordea and Nelu Cortea made fun of artist Edward Sanda after he and his wife, Clopatra Stratan, were removed from America Express.

Cătălin Bordea attacks Edward Sanda

Invited to Alexia Eram’s podcast, the two comedians, also competitors in the previous edition of the show, accused Edward Sanda. They say he may have shown cowardice in the Columbia gun incident.

“I want to thank Edward Sanda! From now on, when I have any trace of cowardice, I saved that moment with him. When will I say; I think I was a coward today, I’ll put that moment with him: “Baby, it’s too dangerous, come on!”, commented Cătălin Bordea, on the side of Edward Sanda’s behavior in the contest.

The comedian also jokingly added: “When I saw that scene on TV, the popcorn jumped out of my mouth. I said that was done during the assembly. Because otherwise you can’t do something like this, such a coward?! Yes, how is he going to his mother-in-law’s house now? Well, it’s Stratan! I used to go to concerts at Stratan with fear. I was afraid that he would jump off the stage, because he was a body builder!”.

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How the performer defends himself

Edward Sanda gave a harsh reply to his colleagues who criticized his performance, but also to the fans.

“If you had been in that situation, you would certainly have experienced the same fear. Maybe even worse! “, the interpreter told them.

Sanda also reproached them on Instagram: “You talk about us and sing our song. That maybe someone will look at you like that! And, for those who think they are strong, brave and fearless, commenting from the couch. I want you to know that God takes care of everyone and everything!”.

Cleopatra Stratan also responded to the gossipers who submitted a series of speculations. In particular, that family life is in trouble after participating in America Express.

“I will love him for the rest of my life as he is! Maybe I also felt that I couldn’t do it anymore, that I would step on it, not just him!” , said the artist, at the Xtra Night Show.

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