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Apparent, Facebook has a “feature” new. I noticed today that I had a few friend requests accepted, although I don’t remember sending them. Later I came across posts from other users experiencing the same problem. It seems that if you view an unknown profile, a friend request is sent automatically. I don’t know if the requests are accepted in the same way, but it is certain that more people are affected by this bug.

Whether you click on a user’s profile by mistake, or you’re in the comments section and want to see “who you’re talking to”, a friend request will automatically be sent to them as soon as you access their profile. The problem seems new, and in the last hour several users have complained about this bug either on their personal profile or in various groups they belong to.

We also don’t know if it’s a system bug or if it only affects users of the mobile app. I also went to DownDetector where many users are reporting the same bug. Some claim that requests are sent even to mutual friends, even if they do not directly access their profile.

There are people apologizing about randomly sent requests, and other users are amused by this new “featureFacebook. Another bizarre phenomenon is that you cannot delete newly arrived friends in your list. So it looks like we’ll have to come to terms with the idea, at least for now. I think that Meta is trying to fix this bug as quickly as possible, considering that there is a risk of losing many users.

In the comment section below you can leave us your views, feedback, if you are facing the same strange newly appeared bug.

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