MAY: A Romanian sent 17,000 petitions in one year, on the same subject

MAY: A Romanian sent 17,000 petitions in one year, on the same subject
MAY: A Romanian sent 17,000 petitions in one year, on the same subject

Around 300,000 petitions were managed at the level of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) in 2022, and the title of “complainant of the year” belongs to a citizen who sent almost 17,000 petitions on the same subject.

According to a statement sent, on Saturday, by the MAI, measures aimed at simplifying the obtaining of information of interest as well as the submission of petitions by citizens and legally constituted organizations were implemented at the level of the institution’s central apparatus.

“With the reorganization of the CONTACT section on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, citizens have the opportunity to find useful information and answers to the most frequent questions within the competence of the MAI structures, to send a petition or suggestions online”, states the quoted source.

In 2022, the General Secretariat Directorate within the central apparatus of the MAI received and managed 13,529 petitions. Citizens mainly submitted petitions in electronic format, either through the forms on the institution’s website or through e-mail.

91.5% of the petitions were managed by MAI structures

“In terms of how the petitions were resolved, 91.5% were managed by the structures of the MAI (including the Central Apparatus of the institution, such as the Minister’s Control Body, the General Directorate of Human Resources Management, the Department for Emergency Situations and the Directorate Medical), the rest being redirected to other institutions”, says the quoted source.

The activity of relations with the public also included the activity of advising citizens, which was carried out through the operators who serve the free telephone line of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – 0800 800 624which can be called, every working day, between 08.00 and 20.00.

The TEL-VERDE line is intended for information, advice and signaling of non-urgent issues, in the field of competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2022, 1,769 calls were received. Also, officers from the Public Relations Service advised a number of 295 people who presented themselves at the institution’s headquarters.

“The main categories of requests from citizens or legally established organizations concerned the commission of crimes against the person or property, disturbance of public order and peace, requests for possession and issuance of property titles, requests for admissions, re-admissions, etc.”, mentions MAI.

Complainant of the year, a disgruntled citizen from Argeş

There were also numerous situations of submitting hundreds of petitions regarding aspects already checked and for which an answer was sent, the formulation of bizarre or illogical requests, frequent calls to the Tel-Verde telephone line with the same aspects and for which an answer was already offered.

For example, a citizen sent, within a single year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the institution of the prefect of Argeş County 16,900 petitions on the same subjectstates the quoted source.

Also on the phone line 9590 were received over 64,700 callsthe appellants being advised on issues related to the state border regime, the regime of foreigners in Romania, travel conditions, etc.

In 2022, at the level General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations were recorded 7,403 petitions, and at the level Romanian Gendarmerie were received and managed 4,692 petitions.

Also, General Anticorruption Directorate recorded last year 3,076 of petitions, and the General Inspectorate for Immigration managed over 2,620 petitions.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs recommends that citizens wait to receive a response to the petition, within a maximum of 30 days from the date of registration, before submitting a new petition on the same subject.

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