UPDATE Chain accident on the A1 highway, in Sibiu county, with victims / Six vehicles collided, one person fell from a bridge and died

UPDATE at 22:14 In the accident on the A1, Sibiu county, 6 vehicles and 9 people were involved. A person fell off a bridge and passed out.

“Following the medical evaluation, 7 people they did not need medical attention, refusing transport to the hospital. A 27-year-old male person was picked up by the SAJ crew and transported to UPU Sibiu. The 9th person involved in the accident, approximately 48 years old, fell from the bridge, presenting injuries incompatible with life, the doctor declaring her death”, states the ISU Sibiu press release.

photo source: DRDP Brasov

How the accident happened on the A1

Initially, there was a collision between 3 cars, resulting in the bodily injury of a 27-year-old man.

Immediately after this event, in the immediate vicinity, there was a collision between a cargo minibus and a car.

The driver of the minibus got out of the vehicle and noticed how a car driving behind him hit the parapet, ricocheting towards where he was, at which point, to avoid the dangerous situation, he jumped between the median parapets, falling into the void.

This last car collided with the minibus, but also with one of the cars involved in the first accident.

Unfortunately, the minibus driver did not survive the fall.

The original news

A serious traffic accident occurred on Sunday evening in Sibiu county, on the A1 highway, involving several vehicles. According to the first information, several people are seriously injured, the intervention of ambulances being dynamic.

The Sibiu ambulance service sent 2 cars, one of type C and one of type B. Together with the forces of ISU Sibiu, several people who needed medical care were assisted.

According to the Sibiu County Ambulance Service, the C-type crew provided medical assistance to a 27-year-old man who suffered a severe trauma to his right hip. The conscious, cooperative patient was transported to UPU Sibiu in stable condition.

The other victims were assisted by the other crews present at the scene, they refused transport to the UPU.

The accident occurred at km 227+100 Boita, Sibiu.

“Road 2 was closed from km 237+800 direction Sibiu-Boita. The Police, the CIC Saliste intervention team are on the scene. The traffic was diverted on DN 1 Cisnadie”, it is specified in the DRDP Brașov information.

Road traffic on the A1, in the direction of Sibiu – Boita, is diverted at km. 237+800, Mohu, on DN 1/DN 7, Veștem – Tălmaciu – Boita, also transmitted IPJ Sibiu.

“Given both the fog and freezing rain warnings, we remind drivers of the need to adopt preventive behavior in traffic, by reducing speed, increasing the distance between vehicles, using the engine brake and avoiding sudden maneuvers”, more transmits IPJ Sibiu.

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