Reversal of the situation in the case of the Romanians accused by the Danish state of mistreating their baby. “I had no help”

The two Romanians accused by the Danish state of mistreating their baby were exonerated of any blame. After a year of ordeal, Ionuţ and Sorana Rotundu can breathe a sigh of relief, but they say that it is very difficult to leave everything behind. The two young men were arrested, and the little boy was placed in foster care.

Sorana and Ionuț experienced an ordeal in Denmark PHOTO Facebook Beni Ciobotaru

Deputy Robert Sighiartău announced that the Danish state sent the Rotundu family a letter stating that they are innocent.

“Remember the case of the family from Denmark where two Romanian citizens, young parents, were accused of causing “shaken baby syndrome” to their own child? Many people told me at the time that the Danish state could not be wrong. Well..Sorana and Ionut recently received the official letter from the Danish state according to which they are innocent. Unfortunately, Mati spent 6 months without his parents and the two of them spent 2 months in prison, unjustly. The truth finally defeats the lie. The Danish state will have to pay for this drama. And she’s not the only one..”, Sighiartău wrote on his social media page.

It’s all a big misunderstanding. I am sure we will win“. This is one of Ionuț’s statements from last year and he was right.

The young man, now 28, made the claim to the Danish publication Eksra Bladet in relation to allegations of violence against him and his wife.

The Romanian couple who lived in Denmark were accused and detained for several months in 2022, because they allegedly subjected their son, Mathias, to violence. The incident is believed to have taken place in January when the boy was still very young.

Christina Borch Hansen, senior prosecutor at the South and Senderjylland Police, claims that this case is closed for good. No charges will be brought against Ionuț and Sorana. Thus, they are exonerated of any suspicion of subjecting their son to what was described in the indictment as “serious, life-threatening violence”.

The news was received with joy and relief by Ionuț and Sorana. The young man told the Danish publication Extra Bladet the nightmare he went through.

What I experienced in Denmark was difficult and very stressful. Not least for my wife, and we cannot get over these traumas. We need help“, says Ionuț.

Arrest for 2 months

The couple explained that after the birth, the little boy had serious health problems. He had a high fever, was vomiting, including a cerebral hemorrhage. They showed up with him at the hospital for medical care, but here the situation took a strange turn. In the end, the medical staff decided to alert the police under the suspicion of ill-treatment.

From the notes in the file it emerged that the baby would have suffered bone fractures on the right side of the skull, hemorrhages on the brain and behind the eyes.

Following the couple’s arrest last January, the child was hospitalized. Later, he was placed in foster care, while Ionuț and Sorana stayed in separate detention cells. They were not allowed to communicate.

We knew we were innocent, but we had no help. Fortunately, these challenges and our faith have not disappeared. God has only made us stronger together as a family“, says Ionuț.

Pictures on the couple’s profiles also suggest the boy has recovered. He is smiling and happy with his parents. Ionuț’s sister-in-law, Magda Săvuica, explained to Ekstra Bladet that the boy’s parents are and have always been caring.

They denied the allegations

The young people were detained in February and spent two months of preventive detention in separate detention centers, being accused of mistreating their five-week-old baby.

Their little boy, Mathias, was hospitalized on January 31, 2022 at the Odense University Hospital, with “punctate bleeding in the eyeballs, bone fractures on the right side of the skull and cerebral hemorrhage.” The doctors were suspicious and stated that the two parents would have caused the child’s injuries. Ionuţ and Sorana Rotundu denied these accusations.

The little one was placed in the care of his maternal grandparents in July 2022

In July 2022, the Romanian authorities announced that the baby who arrived at a hospital in Denmark at the beginning of the year with suspicion of “shaken baby syndrome” and whose parents were arrested, was repatriated. He was taken to his maternal grandparents and will be supervised by the authorities in Vaslui.

I have received extraordinary news. After the considerable efforts made by the Romanian authorities, Denmark accepted the repatriation of the MR boy and he arrived today at the family of his maternal grandparents! I am glad from the bottom of my heart that (…) we managed to convince the Danish authorities that the best solution for the baby is for him to end up in the care of his extended family“, the Minister of the Family, Gabriela Firea, sent.

She declared herself impressed by the child’s grandparents:The maternal grandparents also impressed us, through the determination they had to prove the fact that they really want to be totally involved in the child’s upbringing, take care of him and provide him with all the conditions he needs“.

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