Heavy snowfall at the weekend: 30 cm of snow will fall in some areas. It will also snow in Bucharest

Heavy snowfall at the weekend: 30 cm of snow will fall in some areas. It will also snow in Bucharest
Heavy snowfall at the weekend: 30 cm of snow will fall in some areas. It will also snow in Bucharest

A Mediterranean cyclone in the process of formation that will bring significant precipitation will affect the south, east and southeast of Romania from Thursday night to Friday. Thus, in some regions, especially the sub-Carpathian area of ​​the Southern Carpathians and the Southern Carpathians, the snow will form significant layers of snow, even half a meter, say meteorologists. Also, there will be snow and mixed precipitation in the capital. At the same time, Gabriela Băncilă, Director of Operational Meteorology within the ANM, says that the conditions for a blizzard will be created in the area of ​​the Bărăganului Plain.

Gabriela Băncilă, director of Operational Meteorology within the ANM: “The source of what will happen in our country is a Mediterranean cyclone that will arise tomorrow (Wednesday – ed.). It will move on a trans-Balkan trajectory, so it will also affect us, the southern part of the country and later, very likely, the eastern and southeastern part as well.

Because this cyclone, at the moment, is in the process of formation, its most likely trajectory is not yet established, or the degree of accuracy is not very high. However, there are several scenarios, in which the precipitation will begin on the southern part of the country – the cold air mass has already settled here – they should be in the form of snow. In the south-eastern part of Romania there could be precipitation, especially in the form of rain. Whether this southeast will be somewhat more extended to Bucharest or not, remains to be seen in the coming days. We are following this.

Certainly, we can say this with a greater degree of precision – it is shaping up that this cyclone, which will approach our country from the night of Thursday to Friday and will manifest itself throughout the day of Friday and Saturday, will determine in some areas of the country heavy snow, snow possibly also associated with wind in the area of ​​Curburii and we cannot rule out the scenario in which the area of ​​Moldova is under the influence of both the cold air mass and the heavy precipitation in the form of snow that will lead to the formation of a consistent layer of snow.

There are signals at the moment that in some areas of the country, I mean especially the sub-Carpathian area, the area of ​​the Southern Carpathians, which is a gratifying thing, the snow layer should be more consistent, even half a meter. I would venture to say that there will be other areas where the snowpack will be consistent. If the track of this cyclone is different or deviates by 100 km from what today’s materials indicate is likely, in the context of its non-initiation, it can make the difference between heavy rain or significant snow. However, we can expect, in the context of the cold air mass already present over our country, even in the Capital area, precipitation in the form of snow, mixed precipitation. Later, it is possible that they will pass into liquid form, we will see how much, and in time and in quantity, so that then at the end of this episode we will talk about snow again. It is the most median scenario, which is in the middle of all the variants that we are following and that we have seen during this period.

This episode will last until Saturday. At the moment, this is shaping up to be the critical interval.

Winter can have such spells, for two or three days, which lead to very big problems, or specific consequences. And in the Mediterranean countries affected by heavy snowfall in recent days, 20 degrees Celsius were previously recorded. The fact that in one week we recorded the warmest January day in the history of meteorological measurements, does not mean that in a week or two winter cannot come.

After this episode, the minimums will be able to reach -10 degrees Celsius. Even on Thursday morning we will register -10 degrees, before the episode. It will also be windy. The classic conditions for blizzard formation are created. We will see if these wind intensifications will be associated with rain or snow, so that in the Bărăganu area, the most exposed to this phenomenon, we will record the first notable blizzard of this winter 2022-2023″.

The hard winter hit Italy and Croatia

In Italy and Croatia it snowed so much that entire areas are still struggling to reopen roads. There is a weather alert in five regions. In some areas, cars are stuck under two meters of snow, there have been power outages, and schools in many cities have been closed. The same cold atmospheric front also brought heavy snow to Croatia. The country’s weather agency has issued warnings of dangerous conditions that may disrupt traffic.

Central Italy is the hardest hit by the massive snowfall, but it has also snowed in southern regions and Sicily. And there were floods on the Adriatic coast. The locals were asked to stay on the upper floors of the buildings, to avoid the danger.

Italian local: “A real disaster, cars buried in snow, no electricity, it continues to snow without interruption for four to five hours“.

But there are also people who are happy about the coming of true winter, as is the case with the monks of Assisi.

On the other side of the Adriatic Sea, the same landscape that seems rather Swiss.

Croatian local: “It was the same in 2018, but now there is more snow. We can’t move her because we have nowhere. But the problem is not the snow itself, but the fact that we have to walk through two meters of slush“.

Local Croatian woman: “I could barely open the door because of the snow piled up in front. Otherwise, I love snow“.

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