The electrician’s bag – what should not be missing from it?

A good electrician stands out for the quality of the services he offers. The quality of the services offered are based on the durability and safety of the tools used. An electrician always knows what tools he must have at his disposal to offer the best quality services, which are also fast at the same time.

In the kit of any electrician there must be tools that are suitable for maintenance or repair work. The tools and equipment required are common to plumbers, electricians or mechanics, but an electrician needs them to be made in such a way as to provide protection when working with electrical voltage. To put together a complete kit at a decent price, you can purchase a few essentials such as:


A set of screwdrivers, Phillips and straight, is enough to solve almost any electrical installation problem. Attention, however, they must be among the completely insulated ones. It is important to purchase screwdrivers designed for electricians and not general purpose screwdrivers.

Cutter for cleaning and cutting cables

And for cutting cables you will need a tool that is fully insulated. The wire cleaning and cutting pliers help you make a precise cut without crushing the conductor, in complete safety.

Crimping Pliers Kit

A very useful tool for crimping terminal pins on the ends of conductors is a pliers kit. You can choose a complete kit containing pliers for crimping terminal pins with different sections.

Tension pencil

A tool that should not be missing from any electrician’s kit is the voltage pencil. Used to detect any breaks in the neutral conductor, this is indispensable. It is very important to have measuring tools like those from Before starting any work on the electrical installation, on the non-insulated parts, you will use the voltage pencil to check the presence of the phase. It detects a voltage between 125 and 259 V.

Looking for more high quality electrical components? Visit where you can choose from over 500,000 products available. More than in other jobs, in that of electrician it is very important to make sure that you work in maximum safety conditions. You don’t need to buy cheap tools or tools to save money, because your safety is much more important and needs to be the deciding factor when choosing how you will work.

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