One of the most important directors in the world, returns to Sibiu. The premiere of the performance “Romeo and Juliet”, by Andriy Zholdak

Local elected officials will have increased salaries, after Wednesday’s vote in the Senate. It is a decision that everyone is now running away from. The parliamentarians say that the mayors needed additional income, but in the field, the situation is slightly different.


Most of the mayors of Alba questioned by Alba24 say that they did not ask for this and that the money currently earned is enough. Some also add a nuance: performance in administration should be paid better than counter-performance.

What the mayors of Alba say about the salary increase:

“I consider it inappropriate to raise salaries. Always when you want to propose something like this you have to look at those around you.

I do not need an increase in income, I consider it sufficient for my needs, compared to the cost of my life” said the mayor of Aiud municipality, Oana Badeawho added that her income is currently around 9,800 lei per month.

Nor the mayor of Alba Iulia, Gabriel Plesadoes not agree with the increase.

“Under any circumstances. The salaries are more than decent,” he said.



The mayor of Blaj has a different opinion.

“I consider a salary increase necessary taking into account the responsibilities and the effort put in, 7 days out of 7” he said Gheorghe Valentin Rotar.

The mayor of Abrud, Cristian Albu says that the mayors are not the ones who requested these increases.

“It is an initiative of the Parliament. Local authorities have not asked for increases, especially at this time, but an indexation with the inflation rate is normal in all categories.

It would be normal to have a system to stimulate the performing mayors, who attract funds for the local communities”, added Cristian Albu, who currently earns approximately 8,000 lei per month.

Competition with the private sector, in Sebeș



The mayor of Sebeș, Doreen Nistorsays that the town hall he leads fights with local companies for employees and that the private environment is much more motivating in terms of salaries.

“In Sebeș, if we talk about salary income from the public system, it is necessary to specify that the private environment is much more motivating in terms of employee options.

Not infrequently, we lost people from important positions for the development of public investments, who chose local companies.

In the current social context, the topic of the salaries of mayors, parliamentarians, etc. cannot but generate unpleasant reactions in the public dialogue.

Concretely, the salary income of the mayor of Sebeș is the same as in any similar municipality: i.e. 7265 lei net. An increase of 25% is added, because we have ongoing European projects, and this increase is at the level of 2421 lei.

The salary of any official in the town hall cannot exceed the salary of the deputy mayor, which means, in the case of Sebeș, 6696 lei net, on hierarchical lines.

In the conditions in which we are talking about important public functions that presuppose responsibility, taking into account the market evolution of prices and the cost of energy, we are also aware of the pressure on employees.

It is difficult to find or retain good staff, especially in the field of European funds, chief architect, legal, economic or for investment and community development, without the appropriate salary motivation.

I think that we should not only talk about the salary of the mayor and the vice-mayor, but about the entire apparatus of the local administration.

It is also important for the state to take responsibility and care for pensioners, the vulnerable population, but also for the young people who must ensure our development. The topic is much more complex…” said Dorin Nistor.

The mayor of Cugir, Adrian Theban says that he did not request a salary increase but the application of the single salary law in the local administration as well.

“We support the application of the Single Salary Law in the budget system and we do not agree with the blocking of salaries only in the local administration as happened in the last 3 years because major imbalances were created between the different budget segments, the local administration being the “Cinderella of the system “.

We didn’t ask for salary increases, but the application of the single salary law in the local administration as well”, said Adrian Teban.

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