Sibiu: Man from Agnita, diagnosed with…

Sibiu: Man from Agnita, diagnosed with…
Sibiu: Man from Agnita, diagnosed with…

A 67-year-old man from Agnita, Sibiu county, was diagnosed with West Nile virus infection, although he did not travel abroad or to areas with known mosquito activity. He was admitted to the County Hospital, being discharged cured.

According to the data communicated, on Friday, by the Directorate of Public Health (DSP) Sibiu, it is about a 67-year-old man, retired, from Agnita. He started showing symptoms on September 2, including fever, headache, vomiting, photophobia (sensitivity to light), confusional state, disorientation, clinical signs of meningeal irritation (occiput, Kernig and Brudzinski signs).

The patient was hospitalized, on September 6, at the Emergency County Clinical Hospital (SCJU) Sibiu, with the diagnosis of acute meningoencephalitis with West Nile virus (WN), and he was discharged on September 16, cured.

The cited source stated that the man had not traveled to other countries or areas with known mosquito population activity.

“It was classified as a probable case by the INSP on 22.09, for the confirmed case it is necessary to isolate the WN virus in the blood or cerebrospinal fluid, as well as other specific laboratory criteria. The case is probable, because it meets the clinical, epidemiological criteria and the laboratory criterion for a probable case – WN antiviral specific immune response in the serum (appearance of specific IGM antibodies)”, explained the quoted source.

The last cases of West Nile virus infection in Sibiu county were in 2020 (3 cases).

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