SHOCK accusations against a Romanian Police Chief! INCREDIBLE revelations: Police monitored by child monitoring apps!

SHOCK accusations against a Romanian Police Chief! INCREDIBLE revelations: Police monitored by child monitoring apps!
SHOCK accusations against a Romanian Police Chief! INCREDIBLE revelations: Police monitored by child monitoring apps!

As hard as it may seem, a phone application intended for monitoring children, on the idea of ​​parental control, would be used by a police chief to supervise the activity of subordinates. I mean the policemen. At least that is what emerges from the revelations made on Friday, September 23, by the Europol Union.

The accusations target the head of the Iernut City Police, from Mureș County.

“A new hallucinatory case surfaces at IPJ Mureș. It is about the head of the Iernut City Police, who resorted to an application downloaded “for free” from the application store and which he installed on the service mobile phone used by subordinate policemen.

Moreover, among the accounts authorized to access the policemen’s location are his ex-wife from whom he divorced, and also his daughter, both of whom have visible email addresses in the application, with the role of administrator who can see at any time where the patrols are by the police”, claim those from the Europol Union, in a statement.

Serious accusations against Bozonc. Europol trade unionists: “They terrorize their subordinates in various forms”

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The trade unionists continue the revelations in this case, noting that Alin Bozonc has been in charge of the Iernut Police since last year and claiming that until this application was installed on the work phones of subordinates, the commissioner would have asked the policemen – even when he was in leave – to whatsapp them when they enter and leave the police headquarters.

Chief of Police Iernut, cms. Bozonc Alin was appointed to this position in 2021 and since then he has been terrorizing his subordinates in various forms. For example, before the illegal installation of this application on the service phones, he asked the policemen, even when he was on leave or free, to communicate on watsapp when he enters the police headquarters, when he leaves, the position in the field, the people he legitimized them or the measures applied.

We could not document the real purpose of monitoring police officers and whether information about their position in the field is used by people outside the institution to “orientate” themselves when they want to illegally transport timber, contraband cigarettes or other excise goods, but the overview proves to us once again that it is full of “janitors” in the Police who treat the institution and subordinates as their own SRL.

Beyond the illegal processing of information related to the policemen’s position in the field, by unauthorized persons, respectively by the ex-wife of the CMS. Bozonc Alin, he humiliated and harassed his subordinates to the level where several of them suffered from states of anxiety, depression and one of his colleagues needed specialist treatment because of the behavior to which he was subjected“, claim Europol representatives.

20-page report addressed to the management of IPJ Mureș

At the same time, the same source mentions that the policemen from Iernut signed a report addressed to the management of IPJ Mureș, and the Europol trade unionists notified the management of the Romanian Police asking for checks to be made.

“The officers of the Iernut Police signed a 20-page report addressed to the management of the IPJ Mureș, which contains shocking details of how cms. Bozonc exercises its function and expects a prompt reaction for these facts.

The EUROPOL union sent a notification to the management of the Romanian Police and to the DGPI to urgently intervene in this case and to carry out checks regarding the seriousness of the information leaks from within the Iernut Police”, according to the EUROPOL union.

Reaction from IPJ Mureș: Checks are being made

Also on Friday, a reaction to this publicly reported case was posted on the IPJ Mureș website. “With regard to the aspects that appeared in the public space, on a social network, which refer to the fact that the way of exercising the duties of the police officers of the Iernut City Police would be illegally monitored by the superior hierarchical head, we specify the following:

The management of the Mureș County Police Inspectorate has already ordered checks to be carried out, before the appearance of these aspects in the public space, through the Internal Control Office, to clarify the factual situation and take legal measures accordingly”, it is mentioned from the IPJ Mureș level.

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