Lidl managed to get the Ministry of National Defense to move a NATO radar to build a warehouse / A judge rejected the deal (Liberty)

Lidl managed to get the Ministry of National Defense to move a NATO radar from Dolj County, which is part of the anti-missile deployment system at Deveselu, to build a warehouse, but a judge rejected the deal between the company and MApN, according to an investigation of the Libertatea newspaper.

Initially, MApN requested, in the spring of this year, in court, the suspension of the construction permit and the cessation of works at the Lidl warehouse in Cârcea commune, Dolj county, because it affects the activity of the radar located in the same locality.

In the summer, however, Lidl and MApN reached an agreement that involved “the effective relocation of the FPS-117 radar from the 110 Radiolocation Cârcea Company from its current position to the future location, which will be carried out by the defendants at their expense, with an economic operator specialized and agreed by the equipment supplier or by the NATO agency.”

On Tuesday, September 22, the judges of the Dolj Court rejected the agreement between the ministry and Lidl and decided to continue the process in which the Romanian Army requested the cancellation of the construction permit.

Later, at Libertatea’s request, MApN stated that there are two solutions, namely the demolition of the works done for the Lidl warehouse, after the court will rule in this regard, or the carrying out of some work to raise the platform for arranging the radar antenna, at Lidl’s expense. The ministry reports that the second solution “would substantially improve the radar’s detection capabilities.”

How Lidl got the terrain out of radar range

Lidl started the construction of the warehouse on a 230,000 sq m plot of land in Cârcea commune, after buying the land from the town’s mayor, Valerică Pupăză (PSD).

Three years ago, Lidl started negotiating with the PSD mayor. The politician immediately sets out, together with his family, to buy enough land from the locals to collect the area required by the German concern. In June 2020, Lidl starts signing a series of documents with Valerică Pupăză, his children and the company Vamagro, owned by his wife.

Eight million euros was paid by Lidl for the entire area of ​​land purchased, according to the Craiova publication Indiscret. As written in the sales-purchase contracts with Lidl, the mayor of Pupăză undertook “to take all steps to obtain the construction permit for the project and the permit for the creation of car access, including large tonnage”. He was both a land seller and the administrator of the commune who issued part of these necessary approvals to the buyer of the land.


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