Hungarian arrived in Romania, unexpected reaction: “I had a completely different impression of them”

A young Hungarian who visited Romania declared himself surprised by what he saw. The man says that he imagined Romania in a completely different way and speaks highly of the mountains and cities here.

Generic photo from the Făgăraș Mountains. PHOTO Unsplash

Laci, a young Hungarian from Budapest, recently visited several cities in Romania and had the opportunity to reach the Făgăraș Mountains. He declared that he was pleasantly surprised by what he saw, although he admits that he did not have many expectations.

I came with some friends by car and chose an interesting route, I say. I entered through Oradea, then Cluj, Târgu Mureș, Brașov, Sibiu and Bucharest. Before Bucharest, I was in the Făgăraș Mountains. And I really, really liked it, I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful“, he said.

The young man also stated that he had previously only visited Târgu Mureș and Bucharest, many years ago, and now he hardly recognizes the places anymore.

When I was a child I went to Târgu Mureș and Bucharest, I think around 1993-1994. Then there were two gray cities, somehow sad. What we saw today is totally different. Of all the most beautiful is Oradea, then Cluj and Sibiu. However, I also like Târgu Mureș, Bucharest and Brașov, which are somehow different from each other. But I liked it the most in the Făgăraș Mountains. In the mountains, we saw bear tracks, and the locals told us that it is full of these animals there“, adds the Hungarian.

Regarding the Romanians, Laci confesses that he had preconceived ideas. “When I proposed to my girlfriend that I wanted to go to Romania, she asked me if I was joking. He said that we are fighting, that the Romanians hate us. But she also saw that it was not so. Maybe these things would have happened 30 years ago when there was great enmity between Romanians and Hungarians, but now relations have normalized. I admit that I also had fears, I had a completely different impression of them. I didn’t expect them to fight us, but I did expect us to feel hostility.

But it was not like that. From Oradea to Bucharest, I met nice people, and with some we even became friends. For example, I stayed in the center of Bucharest until the morning with a group of young Romanians and we got along great. The hate and all the mess that comes from it comes from the politicians, not the people. Because normal people, whether Hungarians or Romanians, understood that more unites us than divides us and that we are exactly the same, we are human“, concluded the Hungarian.

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