Drula advertises the “absurd auction” through which the Police buys 600 BMWs from the president’s friend Klaus Iohannis with EU funds and warns the European Public Prosecutor’s Office led by Kovesi

Cătălin Drula, the president of USR, denounced the auction organized by the Romanian Police, following which the institution will buy 600 BMW cars from Automobile Bavaria, owned by Michael Schmidt, the friend of president Klaus Iohannis.

“The Romanian police buys 600 BMW 320ix from the company of the friend of the president Klaus Iohannis, with European funds. Absurd auction specifications (eg minimum 8-speed gearbox) ensure that no competing brand can compete on price. Only one offer received”, wrote Drula in a message on Twitter.

“The bidders requested changes to the absurd technical specifications regarding the gearbox. The contracting authority refused. The tender was managed by the Ministry of the Interior, which is led by the general secretary of the president’s party, Lucian Bode,” Drula also wrote.

He tagged in the post both the EU anti-fraud office and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, an institution led by Laura Codruța Kovesi.

Context. The General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (IGPR) buys 600 BMW cars from Automobile Bavaria SRL, a company run by Michael Schmidt, the friend of President Klaus Iohannis.

The contract is worth 98 million lei, and the Europol Union accuses the ministry of having organized an auction with dedication, because only BMW models could have qualified according to the criteria established in the specifications, informed Europa Liberă.

The management of Automobile Bavaria told G4Media that the entire bidding process was public and that there was no “dedication”.

According to the public procurement portal, only one offer was submitted. The winner, Automobile Bavaria SRL, will receive for these cars, in total, 98,006,046 lei, price without VAT, and the duration of the contract is two years. Half of the purchase is financed by European money, through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (POIM) axis 2.5, and the price per piece reaches 163,343.41 lei (approximately 33,200 euros).

The police unions accuse the fact that the technical specifications lead to BMW models, the other car manufacturers not having models that fit these conditions.

“We want a special vehicle with a minimum power of 130 kW, gasoline engine, engine torque min. 290 Nm, permanent 4×4 all-wheel drive (AWD), body type to be AA, and transmission to be automatic on a minimum 8+1 speed gearbox. After about 2 weeks of searching and talking with representatives of major car dealers, I came to the conclusion that the only brand that “falls” on these specifications is BMW. And the type of BMW is 320ix”, announces the union Europol.

Michael Schmidt is a known friend of President Klaus Iohannis, the president admitting that he has been helped by him over time.

“I have a close relationship with Schmidt. I have few friends. He is a man of very good quality. It is very true that his company has provided Sibiu with a BMW that we can use as we wish. It was a much speculated thing. Now there is no BMW car in the safe deposit box at the town hall,” Iohannis told the press in 2014.

During the presidential election campaign, Iohannis admitted that he rented a 60 square meter apartment from Michael Schmidt, in Bulevardul Primaverii, which he would use during the campaign.

Automobile Bavaria SRL is the official BMW importer in Romania and, according to the confidas.ro portal, it is managed by German citizens Leonhard Georg Pfeffer and Michael Schmidt Horst.


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In October 2021, Michael Schmidt and his wife accompanied the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, to Germany, for the awarding of the Carol the Great award.

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