Mario Scurtu – two medals at national olympiads and already admitted to college at the age of 16

Mario Scurtu – two medals at national olympiads and already admitted to college at the age of 16
Mario Scurtu – two medals at national olympiads and already admitted to college at the age of 16

Mario Scurtu, the student from Gorj, qualified for four Olympics, has so far managed to obtain two medals at national competitions and is already admitted to college.

Mario Scurtu, is 16 years old and is a 10th grade student at the “Ecaterina Teodoroiu” National College in Târgu Jiu. He was born in Drăguțești commune, near Târgu Jiu. He studied at the “Pompiliu Marcea” Secondary School in the municipality when he first started participating in the national Olympics. This year he qualified for four national Olympiads: mathematics, physics, linguistics and astrophysics.

In astronomy and astrophysics, he was the only participant from Gorj and, subsequently, the only one qualified for the national Olympiad. So far he has achieved a bronze medal at the National Mathematics Olympiad and the Gold Medal and Mention from the Ministry of Education at the National Physics Olympiad. It is also the subject in which he excels, but he also liked mathematics as a child. But the real passion is astrophysics. At the end of May (May 24-29) he will also participate in the National Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad in Iasi. In linguistics, he also ranked among the first in the country.

He wants to study at a university outside the country

The student is a multiple medalist at national Olympiads and international competitions. Thus, in the 9th grade he obtained the bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiad in Albania and another bronze medal at the International Junior Science Olympiad in Colombia.

These two performances, as well as the gold medals obtained in the country and the mentions from the Ministry of Education, already ensure his admission without examination to a number of faculties in the country, such as medicine, mathematics, physics and others.

Mario says that he is primarily passionate about astrophysics, and this is where individual study matters a lot. He dreams of doing research and therefore wants to study at a university outside the country.

“After I finish high school, I would like to continue my studies abroad, because I have a passion for physics and astrophysics. Research in our country, in these fields, is not well funded and I do not have many possibilities for development. I want to do research and outside there are completely different possibilities in this field compared to our country. Now I am admitted without an exam to the faculties in the country, based on the results obtained at the Olympics, but I want to go to a faculty abroad”, said Mario Scurtu. He lives at the hostel in Târgu Jiu so as not to commute home.

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