The drugged driver from May 2 admitted his actions. May be

The drugged driver from May 2 admitted his actions. May be
The drugged driver from May 2 admitted his actions. May be

Vlad Pascu can benefit from a reduced sentence. Libertatea has published the agreement reached by the drugged driver with the prosecutors in the case of the May 2 tragedy, in which Pascu admits his guilt for the death of the two young people he crushed with his car.

From the document submitted to the Mangalia Court, which counts 25 lines, it appears that Vlad Pascu agrees with all the facts of which he is accused by the investigators. Thanks to the agreement, the driver who killed Roberta and Sebastian can have a significant part of his sentence reduced.

“I expressly and fully acknowledge the facts withheld”

Vlad Pascu assumes, by signing this document, everything that the prosecutors from Mangalia wrote in the indictment and also requests that the trial be carried out only on the basis of the evidence collected by the prosecutors and the documents submitted during the prosecution by the parties from the file.

“The undersigned, Pascu Matei-Vlad (…) declare under the conditions of art. 375 para. (2) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, that I recognize, expressly and in full, the facts held in my charge, as they are presented and described in the content of the referral document of the court”, the statement states.

Since he has admitted all his crimes, if he is convicted, he will benefit from a one-third reduction in the sentence limits for each crime.

More precisely, for the manslaughter of two people, the drugged driver could receive a sentence between 2 and 7 years in prison. The court could no longer order the suspension of the execution of the sentence, because, on the date of the accident on May 2, the “Anastasia Law” had already entered into force, according to the quoted source.

The prosecutors did not request the change of legal classification from manslaughter to murder, as requested by the parties in this case, namely the victims and the parents of the two murdered young men.

The drugged driver could get a rather small sentence, something that outrages the parents of the two young people killed in the accident on May 2, given that they requested several times to change the legal classification and, implicitly, that Vlad Pascu get a bigger punishment.

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