New information about the donors for the bust of the engineer Neculai Bogdan that will be placed in Vidra, at Porta Vrancei


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Photo: Forest engineer Neculai Bogdan from Vrancea, at 85 years old

Here we present the Donors Table – 2 for the bust of the forest engineer Neculai Bogdan that will be placed in Vidra at Poarta Vrancei

Dear fellow citizens,

The “Simion Mehedinți” association, founded in 1991, proposed in the framework project ,,The rebirth of the Vrancean spirit”, achievement, at Otter – ,,The gate of Vrancea” of a bust for the engineer Neculai Bogdanthe protector of the Vrănce forest, the one who took care of planting a 70,100 yes, in the years 1955-1990, after the environmental disaster in Vrancea, from the interwar period (1905-1942).

The bust will be placed within,,Memorial of the Country of Vrancea” from Vidra, together with other representative personalities of archaic Vrancea.

After 4 months (13 Dec. 2023) from the launch of the action, we publish the list of the first donors: donation – from one lei to 999 lei; founding donors – over 1000 lei.

Along with the unveiling of the bust, we will also publish a paper entitled,,The engineer Neculai Bogdan, a life dedicated to the forest of Vrânca“, because his research work, the heroism with which he labored for the “afforestation of the bare mountains”, to revive the forests “of a rare beauty on formerly empty lands”.

We will include in this work, along with the writings of the honored one, a chapter of memories of those who knew him, worked side by side, or were guided by him, under the generic,,I also met the engineer NahBogdan!”, as friends and relatives used to call him, and as I noticed that former collaborators still call him today.

On this occasion, we urge those who were close to him, to put on paper (1-3 pages) thoughts and memories that could complete our image of the one for whom the Vrancea forest was a real cathedral that he entered with reverence and reverence .

In this way we fulfill the wish left in the work,,Archaic Vrancea – history, the causes of the destruction of the forest ecosystem…”, in which the author confesses the following: ,,I hope that the present work will show today’s generation what the Vranca landscapes looked like 50-60 years ago and present a warning signal for the future, especially for the local councils of the hill and mountain villages“. (p. 12)

THANKS to all those for whom CULTURE is worth at least AS MUCH as MONEY!

NOTA BENE: The amounts can be deposited into the account of the Association Pers. Didactic “Simion Mehedinți”, Focșani – Romania, (CIF.6433097; IBAN – RO76CECEVR0137RON0107934), open at Banca CEC Vrancea, or with a receipt, at tel. 0723276188, str. Mr. Pastia no. 3, with the mention: for the bust of Eng. Neculai BOGDAN.

Costica NEAGU

Read also: The proposal to add the bust of the engineer Necula Bogdan, the protector of the Vrânce forest, to the Vrancea Country Memorial from Vidra;

Bust donor table Eng. Neculai Bohgdan – Vidra, Porta Vrancei

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