Are there many who do this in traffic? Video-It’s raining

Are there many who do this in traffic? Video-It’s raining
Are there many who do this in traffic? Video-It’s raining

What and to whom are we proving when we behave recklessly in traffic, considering that by harassing other drivers we are doing ourselves “justice”? The more we’re wrong, all we’re proving is that legislation that is far too permissive with specimens like the driver in today’s pictures needs to be changed.

Ploiesti, the entrance on Cameliei street from the Emergency County Hospital. In the evening, light traffic, enough to not invoke reasons related to stress, hurry, etc.. In other words, nothing prevents us from giving priority to 2-3 cars in the area, then continue on our way quietly.

However, some are keen to prove that they have no business in a civilized community, especially behind the wheel of a car. The driver of an SUV, even though he had no priority, saw fit to insist on flashing the other drivers who were driving normally and who had no reason to change the rules of priority for an agitated individual.

And because he had the “tupeu” to legally see his way, another driver is overtaken by the one driving the SUV, then forced to brake and avoid the “nervous” one, who started harassing him on Cameliei street.

Obviously, the driver of the SUV was not in an emergency, since he had enough time to brake in front of the other several times.

The law punishing aggressiveness in traffic was amended in 2022 to further weight such drivers. Unfortunately, aggression can only be sanctioned if it is directly observed by the police, which happens very rarely.

Read here: “Aggressive driving fined up to 3000 lei”

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