BIG VILLAGE. Grandma in handcuffs after being caught drunk driving. He caused a scandal


A 61-year-old (retired) woman from the municipality of Carei was sentenced on THURSDAY, 1.02.2024, to a two-year suspended prison sentence. And this after she was identified at the wheel of a car, on the National Road 1F, within the radius of the town of Căuaș, “emitting vapors of alcohol”, as recorded in the Traffic Police report, according to PresaSM information.

According to PresaSM data, due to her state of intoxication, she displayed a recalcitrant behavior at the time of the arrival of the police bodies, disobeying the requests of the police bodies to present the identity documents necessary for her identification. The woman’s recalcitrant attitude required her to be handcuffed and taken to the Guard Room of Cari Hospital where, although she was informed that refusing to submit to the collection of biological samples in order to determine her blood alcohol level constitutes a crime, she maintained her refusal to subject to the collection of biological samples.

And to make the menu complete, the woman was admitted to the Acute Psychiatric Department of the Carei Municipal Hospital, admission justified by her aggressive behavior, behavior adopted against the background of alcohol consumption.

“The court cannot omit when individualizing the punishment the defendant’s attitude from the time of committing the act, he at the time of refusing to submit to the taking of biological samples having a disorderly outfit, an attitude inappropriate to the situation, having an agitated, verbally aggressive, expansive behavior, showing changes of reflexes”, opined the magistrates of the Court of Cara, who appreciated, however, that the woman later revised her attitude and admitted that she was wrong.

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