The weather is starting to warm up

The weather is starting to warm up
The weather is starting to warm up

The weather is starting to warm up slightly starting today, a process that will continue tomorrow, because at the beginning

next week we will have temperatures that can reach 17° C.
A mass of tropical air will enter Romania during this period and bring spring weather.

“A mass of warm air will move towards the area of ​​our country and cause increasingly high temperatures in all regions. This warm-up will feel shy, I might say. Today, the temperatures will get another 2-3-4° C compared to what we had yesterday. The highest values ​​will be recorded in the western, south-western part of the territory, up to 10-11, maybe even 12° C. We will increasingly feel the warming tomorrow in all regions, when we will have maximum temperatures of 10 and above 10° C in most of the country, up to 14-15 in the south of the territory. And the beginning of the week comes with particularly hot weather, we call it for this period, because the temperatures will be much higher than normal. They will reach values ​​of 15-16-17° C in many localities in the west, south and east of the territory, given that at this time we should normally have maximum temperatures of 3-4-5 degrees at the most.” detailed Alina Șerban from the National Meteorological Administration, on Radio Romania Actualităită.


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There will also be regions where the warming will not be felt due to the wind. Meteorologists also say that there will be no shortage of precipitation in the northern half of the country, but it will mainly be in the form of rain.
On Saturday at 1:00 p.m., 9 degrees Celsius were recorded in Pitesti.

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