Return to Craiova University!

Return to Craiova University!
Return to Craiova University!

Craiova University brought back to the club the man who discovered Mihăilă, Screciu and Markovic, announced ProSport. Silviu Bogda, the one who discovered Valentin Mihăilă, Vladimir Screciu or Jovan Markovic and brought them to his football school, returned to Craiova University in the scouting department.

The former referee Silviu Bogdan was also the head of this sector within the Oltean club, then he also held the position of manager of the Craiova University Academy. In 2019, Silviu Bogdan left the group from Bănie, then active, for short periods, at clubs such as CFR Cluj or Turris Turnu Măgurele. Former referee, Silviu Bogdan was also at the head of AJF Dolj from 2012 to 2016.

Silviu Bogdan collected more than 2.5 million euros from the business with Mihai Rotaru and Craiova University. When he agreed with the main shareholder of the club for an association, Silviu Bogdan gave him all the players from his football school in exchange for the sum of 200,000 euros, keeping a percentage of 25 percent of each player in case of a sale.

Thus, from the transfers of Valentin Mihăilă to AC Parma, Vladimir Screciu to Genk and Andrei Vlad to FCSB, Silviu Bogdan received over 2.5 million euros. Apart from these, Silviu Bogdan also has percentages from the possible transfers of Jovan Markovic, Ştefan Baiaram or Ştefan Vlădoiu.

At this moment, Silviu Bogdan has a team registered in the 4th Dolj League, Viitorul Ştiinţa Craiova.

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