PHOTO. Who is the young man killed in the accident in Satu Mare county. She had a 1 and a half year old daughter


Florin (29 years old) was originally from Pișcari village, Satu Mare county, but lived in Peleș. He was married since 2022. He had a beautiful little girl of about one and a half years old, who is now an orphan. Family and friends do not explain how this tragedy could happen, because they all knew that he was taking care of his health and did not exaggerate anything. It is certain that the medical examiners will accurately establish the causes of death.

According to PresaSM information, the police are following the variant of a heart attack, because there were no wounds on the victim’s body that would have indicated any blow or blows that could have caused his death.

“He had no health problems at all. He was a healthy man, he took care of himself and his health. Especially since he had a loving family and a little girl of about half a year. It’s a shock to us! May God rest him in peace,” a close friend told PresaSM.

We remind you that a 29-year-old young man from the town of Peleș died on Friday evening. The rescuers found the man from Satmare in cardio-respiratory arrest, after he lost control of the steering wheel and was trapped in the car that crashed into an electricity pole. The paramedics applied resuscitation maneuvers for tens of minutes, but the victim did not respond to the efforts of the doctors.

According to PresaSM information, the investigators believe that the young man got sick at the wheel, which is why he lost control of the car and ended up in the pole on the side of the road. Sources told PresaSM that the young man had no visible injuries as a result of the road accident. The body of the young man will be submitted to the prosecution office of the Satu Mare County Hospital, and the forensic doctors are to establish what were the causes that led to the death of the young man, who was only 29 years old.

What the POLICE say: “On February 2 this year, at around 10:15 p.m., policemen from the Satu Mare County Police Inspectorate were alerted to the occurrence of a traffic incident, on Communal Road 63, in the town of Peleș. Following the checks carried out, the police found out that a 29-year-old man from Peleș allegedly lost control of the car he was driving, colliding with a concrete pillar. The occurrence of the event resulted in the death of the driver. The man’s body was transported to the Prosecution of the Satu Mare Hospital, in order to carry out the necropsy. In the case, the investigations are being continued to accurately establish all the circumstances in which the event occurred”.



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