MEP Ramona Strugariu is considering a possible referral to the ECHR if the decision is made to merge the elections


MEP Ramona Strugariu, co-president of REPER, calls for political predictability and announces that she will use all legal levers, including a possible referral to the European Court of Human Rights, if the decision is taken regarding the consolidation of the elections.

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“An essential aspect of the merger that the PSD and the PNL lose sight of, in the rush for mandates and personal rescues, is that it violates constitutional rights. And I’m not just talking here about the rights of young people who would have turned 18 by the time of the local election, in a natural calendar, or of those who study/work in a locality other than their home and want to vote there”, wrote MEP Ramona Strugariu on Facebook on Saturday, according to Agerpres.

She claims that a combined election violates her right to be elected, according to art. 37 and 38 of the Romanian Constitution, because he intends to run for the European elections and to assume a local candidacy.

“There are certainly more Romanian politicians in my situation. And I will not stop, I hope that neither will those who are in the same situation as mine. I am waiting for a decision and if this decision is in favor of the merger, I will challenge it in court and I will defend my rights all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, because that is natural. The more of us, the better. I hope that PNL and PSD have the wisdom to weigh well such political gibberish, which can cost them dearly. Very expensive. And from a legal point of view, and on voting,” Ramona Strugariu wrote.

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