Europol: “incident of particular gravity” in Cluj, where one station was left without policemen, all three being delegated at the same time to other places


The Europol Police union accuses “an incident of particular gravity” in Cluj, where one station was left without policemen, all three being delegated at the same time to other places.

The union claims that all the policemen from the Așchileu commune in Cluj have been delegated to three other police stations, for the simple fact that the local mayor is unhappy that the policemen are not “responding to her orders”, the situation is “hallucinating”. “In the present case, we are talking about the police officers from the Așchileu Police Station, IPJ Cluj, where a station chief and two fellow assistant chiefs, were each delegated to a different subunit, at the same time. The “coincidences” verge on the absurd, given that it is assumed that three other police officers with management positions have drawn up “Presentation Notes” in tandem, in which an apparent justification was created regarding the need to be delegated to other units” , the union claims. Europol adds that the policemen were told verbally, from one day to the next, without asking for their consent, that the decision was made to delegate them to other police stations as of January 10, initially leaving Așchileu commune without any policeman. “The following days, the abuse continued by the delegation of two other policemen from two other police stations to the Așchileu Police Station, which was left without a single policeman. And this is how those in the leadership of the IPJ Cluj went after the cherry, just to serve the “party”. Our concern is all the greater since reasonable indications demonstrate that the delegations were made before the written dispositions were recorded, so that the police officers, performing duties outside their workplace, were vulnerable from the perspective of the legality of the acts they have drawn up at the level of the units where they arrived against their will”, claims the union, which also presents the document through which the human resources structure informs the police officers that based on the “disposition of the chief inspector” they will be delegated, but without specifying the number and date of issuance of the act administratively, contrary to legal provisions.

“Even in the contents of the service orders regarding the delegation, instead of the number of the chief inspector’s disposition, the number of the “presentation note” by which their delegation was requested by the hierarchical heads is entered. So, let’s be clear, in the present case we are not talking about an isolated act of abuse. All the officers who were contacted by the IPJ Cluj management to create an alleged need regarding the delegation of the 3 inconvenient policemen for the PNL mayor, but also later for the other two policemen delegated in their place against their will, at the Așchileu Police Station, demonstrate unequivocally the fact that the “grievances” of politicians are respected with sanctity by some heads of inspectorates, even at the cost of breaking the law”, claims the union.

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