Cluj-Floresti, BLOCKED! There are THREE accidents at the SAME TIME on Avram Iancu street.


Three accidents occurred on Saturday night on Avram Iancu street in Florești, around 8:00 p.m.

Three accidents (two of which are shown in the picture) occurred at the same time and on the same street in Florești / Photo: Cluj County Traffic Info

Two of the three accidents were also announced on the Twitter page of the Cluj Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU), and one was confirmed by several drivers on the Cluj county Info Traffic group. “There are three accidents in 300 meters… drive carefully!”, signals a driver who passed through the area.

It is about an accident on Avram Iancu street no. 370-374, in the area where the Regional Emergency Hospital is being built, between two cars and a motorcycle, which from the first information seems to be a soldier with a victim.

Photo source: Cluj County Traffic Info

Another accident occurred on Avram Iancu street no. 442-446, in the West City hotel area.

Source: Cluj County Traffic Info

“Successive interventions for firefighters from Detachment 2 Cluj-Napoca in road accidents:

Firefighters from Detachment 2 Cluj-Napoca intervened a few moments ago at two road accidents on Avram Iancu street in Florești commune. The first call came in around 7:50 p.m., and two cars and a motorcycle were involved in the accident. Thus, crews from the Florești Work Center intervened on the scene, together with a SMURD mobile intensive care ambulance. Only one victim resulted, being the motorcyclist, who complained of pain in the spine. He was transported to the hospital.

Around 8:00 p.m., the firefighters from Detachment 2 Cluj-Napoca received a request also from Avram Iancu street, where an accident occurred between a car and a van. Fortunately, in this case only material damage resulted”, ISU Cluj reported about the two accidents.

The third accident

And the third accident was reported by a witness on Avram Iancu Street, “opposite Oncoș”, in the bus station. That would be about number 359.

From the third accident we still have no photos. ISU Cluj forces did not intervene in this case.

Traffic has gone crazy in the area, which can also be seen on the Waze app. A lot of drivers reported the accidents.

Avram Iancu Street in Florești, marked in red on Waze as very congested, after the occurrence of several accidents on Saturday evening

UPDATE: Another accident occurred in Mănăștur, shortly after the three accidents in Florești. It took place in the McDonald’s area.

Source: Cluj County Traffic Info

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