“Bucharest is better than Milan in this regard”


Article by Eduard Apostol – Published on Saturday, 03 February 2024, 09:00 / Updated on Saturday, 03 February 2024 12:07

Lukáš Winterthe 30-year-old goalkeeper from The oil Ploiesti, told in an interview with GSP.ro what impact the new country in which he lives and works had on his life. He had heard of “Dracula’s country”, he also knew something from the footballers, he told what he would like to discover and how he relaxes at golf.

Lukas Zima, 30 years old, is one of the foreigners who have proven their quality in the Petrol shirt, since his arrival in Romania last July. As proof, he again caught the first 11 of the last stage, based on the LPF qualifiers.

The 1.96m Czech has given confidence to the Oilers with what he has done on the pitch for the team. In 2024, he did not concede a goal, in the matches with Dinamo (1-0) and with Oțelul (0-0), maintaining the hopes of the “Gazari” for the play-offs.

The giant goal-keeper arrived in Ploiesti last summer and is already being monitored by several teams from his country. Udinese (17th in Serie A) are eyeing him. Zima was active in Serie A, but he did not know the joy of debuting at that level. He caught 81 matches on the bench in one of the hottest championships in the world!

Instead, he collected another 31 games in Serie B, in 6 of which he did not concede a goal.

Lukáš Zima told in an interview granted to Gazeta Sporturilor what his first impressions are after a little more than half a year in Romania.

VIDEO. Lukáš Zima tells what he knew about Romania until he arrived in Ploiesti

“I’m feeling very well. I live with my wife, she was also with me in Italy. I didn’t visit Romania much, I didn’t have time. When we have a competitive break, I go home or to Italy.

I knew about Dracula, when I heard about Romania, I found out that it is just a legend.

(What did you know about the country before you came?) I played in Italy with several footballers who were in Romania, I was told that in many ways they are similar to Italy”, said Lukáš Zima.

It is difficult to compare Ploiești, or any city in Romania, with what I saw in Italy or Prague. Life in Italy is very beautiful, you can find anything, and Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Ploiesti is small, but it’s nice there.
Lukáš Zima, goalkeeper Petrolul

Lukáš Zima relaxes with golf when he has time off from football

When he has a free day and cannot travel to Prague or Italy, Lukáš Zima prefers to go to Bucharest, an hour away from Ploiesti. A meal at a restaurant with the wife, a visit to the mall, in Băneasa, or a walk in Herăstrău, in the park, so that the four-legged friends of the family can also relax.

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“I visited Bucharest several times. Game and golf, I like it a lot, it relaxes me. There are several plots of land near Ploiești and Bucharest. Golf is a joy, an entertainment, it takes me out of my daily routine.

When I’m really tired, I stay home with my wife and our dogs. When I want to relax, we go out to see something. I really like nature in Romania, but it’s a bit difficult because some places are far away.

Yes, I know the traffic is difficult, but I’ve been in Rome, in Milan, it can be worse.”

8formations collected by Zima in his career: Genoa, Reggiana, Unione Venezia, Mantova, Perugia, Livorno, VVV Venlo and Petrolul

24of matches collected by Zima in the current edition for Petrolul, in 10 games keeping the net of his goal untouched

VIDEO How Lukas Zima sees Romanian football

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