Nelu Popa prays to God to save Banat de Munte from PSD!


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The mayor of Reșița slaps the face of the prefect Ioan Dragomir, the deputy Silviu Hurduzeu and the secretary of state Flavius ​​Nedelcea, whom he accuses of lying to the citizens of Carășe!

“Don’t lie to the people of Resisi, don’t lie to the people of Caraș!” The prefecture gives nothing! The prefecture of a county is like a telephone. It has a receiver and a transmitter. That is, being the representative of the government in the territory, he issues the government’s decisions to the public and receives problems, situations, etc. from the public (unions, associations, citizens, etc..) and resolves them, or forwards them to the government. The prefecture does not give a single leu to anyone. Never!

The money you talk about in your press conferences was taken from us by the government, by redirecting some taxes that were due to us by right, and following the protests of the AMR (Association of Municipalities in Romania), the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister compensated the lost amounts. Point.”, Nelu Popa reacted after the recent discussions related to budget allocations.

The head mayor of Reșița says that, since 2016, since he has been doing public administration and implicitly politics, he has never lied to his fellow citizens and that he has never tried to arrogate to himself things he did not do. Popa admits that they are not perfect, but he tries, he says, to change the lives of residents for the better.

“I have been looking at you for some time and marveling. Lie shamelessly. Know that the world understands step by step who you are and how much money you make. Better tell the rascals WHY you have kept a large British company hanging on the IMR fence for over 8 (eight) months. Why, with Flavius ​​Nedelcea Minister Secretary of State at the Ministry of Economy, you are not able to restart the Arsenal, after almost 15 years of state conservation, in the conditions that ALL of Europe is looking for quick solutions for arms production, the Russian danger is becoming more and more threatening ..?! Instead of dealing with serious things that are at your disposal, for which you are directly responsible, you go out in the press and lie that you gave money to the rascals. Shame on you!”, the mayor of Reșița sent them to the Caraș-Severin PSD leaders.

And Nelu Popa asks Ionuț Chisăliță, the director of IMR, something. To explain why taxes have not been paid for years. “Flavius ​​Nedelcea tells you «fuck him, we don’t pay him anything». The town hall does not freeze your accounts so as not to create a social problem with the few dozen workers left there to sweep the empty halls for over ten years. Shame on you! I haven’t done it until now, but from today, I will pray daily to the good God to get rid of this county, to get rid of Banat de Munte from you!”, concluded mayor Popa.

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