The pension received by Romanians who have not worked a day. The provisions of the new law

The pension received by Romanians who have not worked a day. The provisions of the new law
The pension received by Romanians who have not worked a day. The provisions of the new law

The minimum pension in Romania. How much does the state pay those who haven’t worked a day.

According to the law, pensioners of the public pension system and pensioners of the military pension system residing in Romania can benefit from the minimum pension, regardless of the date of registration for the pension, if the level of the amount of the pension (due or in payment) is below the level of the social allowance for pensioners .

That is, Romanians who meet the conditions for the minimum social pension receive a minimum pension guaranteed by the state.

The minimum pension is determined as the difference between the value established for the respective year (in 2024, 1,281 lei) and the level of the amount of pension due or in payment.

Law no. 118/2010 established that the phrase guaranteed minimum social pension will be replaced by the phrase social allowance for pensioners, so social pension and social allowance for pensioners refer to the same thing.

Conditions for obtaining the social allowance for pensioners:

– the status of pensioner of the public pension system

– domicile in Romania

– the level of the amount of the pension, due or in payment, should be below 1000 lei.

– Romanians who benefit from the accumulation of one or more pension rights from the public system or other systems, when granting the social allowance for pensioners, the level of the total amounts of these incomes will be taken into account

More precisely, if you get income from a public or private pension or other payments, you will not be able to benefit from social allowance for pensioners if the total amount of these incomes exceeds 1,000 lei.

What pension will a Romanian who has not worked a day have, after the 2024 increase

The minimum pension is now 1,281 lei.

“We have already implemented, partially, the new pension law that appeared in the Official Gazette on December 4, which in article 84, paragraph 3, tells us that every year Romanians’ pensions will increase with inflation plus half of the average salary crude.

This is the guarantee that it will not happen again like in other years, because if we follow the evolution of the pension point we will see that there were years when Romanians’ pensions did not increase at all, for example between 2009 and 2013, but also in 2020-2021 .

And, then, the new pension law comes with a mechanism that clearly states when and by how much Romanians’ pensions increase.

Now, every Romanian has already received their increased pension in January, because pensions are paid through the conventions with the Romanian Post until the 16th of each month, in the case of those who go through the postal factor, respectively on the 12th of each month in the case of those received on the card.

Therefore, Romanians saw very clearly on their pension slips and on the pensions they received what the increase was,” said Simona Bucura-Oprescu, Minister of Labor, on Antena 3 CNN.

“It is very important for Romanians to know that in 2024, as they found, all pensions will increase, because from January 1 we have an increase in the pension point, from 1785 lei to 2032 lei, an increase in the minimum social allowance , from 1125 lei to 1281 lei”, stated the Minister of Labor.

The main regulations in the new pension law include:

  • a new calculation formula, based on the number of points achieved by each beneficiary according to the contribution principle
  • the standard retirement age, set at 65 for both women and men
  • the minimum contribution period of 15 years, with the full contributory contribution period of 35 years, the reduction of standard retirement ages for people who completed the contribution period under special conditions or exceeded the full contribution period
  • additional points for seniority: seniority of more than 25 years will be rewarded with additional points for seniority
  • benefits for mothers: the possibility to retire six months earlier for each grown-up child, subject to a maximum reduction of three years and six months

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