Two years in prison with execution after stealing a phone from Altex, in Satu Mare


A man was sentenced on THURSDAY, 2/02/2024, to a 2-year prison sentence, in detention, after stealing a phone from an Altext store, located in the premises of the Auchan hypermarket, on Drumul Careiului, in the municipality of Satu Mare. It is important to state that the individual was a repeat offender and had other similar convictions, but the theft of the phone effectively earned him a sentence with execution.

According to PresaSM information, while he was inside the Altex store, located in the Aushopping Satu Mare shopping center, by forcing and removing the anti-theft security system, the individual stole a Samsung S21 Plus mobile phone from the store shelf, causing a damage of 4,699.90 lei , unrecovered.

From the statement of the representative of Altex Satu Mare, it follows that the employee who was on duty in the area with mobile phones noticed that a mobile phone was missing from the anti-theft security system, displayed on a shelf in the area dedicated to mobile phones, which is why the representative of the injured person proceeded to viewing the recordings captured by the surveillance cameras inside the store.

On that occasion, he found that a male person, who was wearing a cap with a peak and a protective mask, after sitting for a while with the mobile phone in his hand, put it in his pants pocket, after which, accompanied by a female person carrying a pink backpack, left the store without paying for the mobile phone.

The individual is already in the Aiud Penitentiary, where he will serve his two-year prison sentence.



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