Romania’s first Becali ended up as Irinel Columbeanu


Ioan Crețu, who called himself “the first Becali of Romania” was the businessman who even lent to the National Bank of Romania. However, he lost all his fortune due to gambling and a young woman. And now he ended up staying at the asylum, just like Irinel Columbeanu

Ioan Crețu was the first millionaire after the Revolution in Iasi, that’s why he liked to call himself “the first Becali of Romania”. And before 1989 he was a wealthy man because he worked at Gostat and Avicola.

In 1990 he made his first consignment from the area and hit the spot. He made his first million by clapping his hands. He put the money in boxes, filled no less than 5 boxes with 100 lei papers.

So at one point, even a banker sought his help. “I loaned the National Bank 700 million.

The first Becali” helped the BNR with 700 million

I kept depositing money and one day a banker there asked me if I didn’t have more money to deposit. And even then I had around 700 million which I gave to him. After a month I got them back, they even gave me interest. I was the first Becali, because he came after me.

Gigi Becali / Photo Source: EVZ Archive

I was good to everyone, I didn’t care who came to me to ask me for money for whatever I gave them”. Speaking on a TV show Ioan Crețu. It’s just that at some point the businessman fell into the passion of gambling. As a result, he even flew by helicopter from Iasi to Bucharest to come and play.

Gambling and women buried him

And he won 150 million lei at the beginning. From here was the beginning of his decline. Especially since after he started betting, Crețu also met a young woman who was 20 years old at that time. He liked her a lot, so much so that his wife caught him. As a result, the woman divorced him and left him without a considerable part of the fortune.

So, much poorer, Crețu married the fiery young woman. They even had a child, only financially things went crazy. So the woman went to work in Switzerland, and the former businessman ended up in an asylum. Like Irinel Columbeanu, who because of bad investments lost absolutely every trace of wealth he had.

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