Possible Bed Bug Infestation in an Ikea Store in Bucharest: “I Immediately Initiated an Investigation

Possible Bed Bug Infestation in an Ikea Store in Bucharest: “I Immediately Initiated an Investigation
Possible Bed Bug Infestation in an Ikea Store in Bucharest: “I Immediately Initiated an Investigation

“For several days Ikea Pallady has been dealing with an undesirable problem for any customer or employee: bed bugs. The management is not doing anything about it, they just keep saying that they will do fumigation tomorrow. With this I do my civic duty to notify people who do not want bed bugs in their home (this is not desirable in any case), to avoid an Ikea Pallady period”, is the message posted on Reddit.

After two days, the management of the store came with an official response, to Adevărul’s request, by which it says that it immediately initiated an internal investigation and is currently analyzing the circumstances related to this potential incident.

“At IKEA Romania, the health and safety of our customers and colleagues is a priority for us. Regarding the subject of bed bugs in the IKEA Pallady store, we immediately initiated an internal investigation and are currently analyzing the circumstances surrounding this potential incident. From preliminary information, the possibly affected area is the prop storage area of ​​the store, and they did not extend into the commercial area of ​​the store or the consumer goods, intended for the public. Depending on the results of the investigation, we will immediately start implementing all the necessary measures to solve the identified problems”, is the IKEA statement.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that suck blood from humans and birds (chicken and pigeon), with atrophied wings, belonging to the suborder Heteroptera, reddish-brown in color, with an oval body, dorso-ventrally flattened and a characteristic foul smell.

As a habitat, the bed bug prefers dark and quiet areas near the host from which it will try to feed. It hides in hard-to-reach places and at the corners of furniture, at the seams of the mattress or on the headboard or bed frame. It is attracted to food by carbon dioxide and the heat that people emit, especially during sleep. It can usually be seen at night, when there is no light, when it will emerge from its hiding places to feed.

The bed bug is not known to carry any disease, but its sting can become infected. Fighting is done with special insecticides or through specific thermal treatments, this insect being sensitive both to high temperatures (over 50 degrees Celsius) and to very low temperatures (-18-20 degrees Celsius).

Bed bugs have flattened bodies and can easily hide in very small and narrow places, such as in cracks in parquet floors or walls, under carpets, behind wallpaper or false ceilings, in sofas or bed frames, behind pictures or their frames, and in many other places where they are difficult to identify. In general, it prefers to stay in groups, and where there are large infestations, a specific unpleasant odor is also present.

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