Score victory of the leader in stage no. 10 of the Vrancea Superliga in senior football



In the stage no. 10 of the Vrancea Superliga for senior football played at the end of last week, the leader of CSL Victoria Gugești beat FC Caiata with a score of 11-1 at home. The following in the ranking of the CSL Victoria Gugești team, the CSM Adjud 1946 team won the away match with CSC Dumbrăveni with 3-0.

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Thus, the provisions of the ROAF in force are the ones that will prevail, given that at the meeting before the championship we did not foresee any changes.

Thus, according to art. 28. point 4, the team that will finish the regular season with more points will have an advantage in the event of equal points at the end of the play-off. According to article 28.pct 4 of Roaf, in the situation where, at the end of the play-off or play-out, two or more teams are tied on points, the tie-breaker is done primarily taking into account whether or not 0.5 rounding was applied.

In case of a tie and after applying this criterion, the tie-breaker will be made according to the number of points with which each of the teams finished the regular season.

If even in this situation the tie persists, the tie-breaker will be carried out according to art. 27. If even in this situation the tie persists, the tie-breaker will be carried out according to art. 27

– If two or more teams accumulate the same number of points after playing all scheduled matches in the championship/regular season, the ranking will be established based on the application, in order, of the following criteria:

a. The greater number of points obtained in direct games played between teams located at

equal points;

b. better goal difference in direct games;

c. the greater number of goals scored in direct games;

d. the greater number of away goals scored in direct games;

e. better overall goal difference (the difference between goals scored and conceded in all games

from the championship);

f. the most goals scored in all championship games.

And here it should be specified that only the play-off matches will be taken into account, not the one from the regular season. The case from TAS, Viitorul – FCSB, is known, when FCSB had favorable direct matches, and Viitorul became the champion only in direct matches from the play-off.

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