Christmas weather forecast 2023. The regions where it will snow

Christmas weather forecast 2023. The regions where it will snow
Christmas weather forecast 2023. The regions where it will snow

Weather forecast for Christmas 2023. Romanians will experience snowfall during the winter holidays. The meteorologists have announced which are the regions where the snow will fall for Christmas, but also for the New Year.

Weather forecast for Christmas 2023. Snow in the mountains

The director of ANM, Florinela Georgescu, informed Romanians what to expect during the holidays. According to the meteorologist, there will be no shortage of snow at the end of this year.

The weather forecast for Christmas 2023 shows that in some upland areas, snow will fall in a generous layer. Florinela Georgescu, executive director of the National Meteorological Administration, stated that there will be no shortage of precipitation.

“Regarding the winter holidays, the simplest answer I can give right now is that all these episodes with more snow-like precipitation will favor at least a layer of snow in the mountain area during that time. For the lower part, the uncertainty is much higher,” announced the meteorologist.

Heavy snow in January

If precipitation is predicted for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in some regions of the country, the heavy snowfall would begin in January. The ANM weather forecast shows that most regions of the country will be hit by frost only after the New Year.

“Taking into account the last winters, the first seasonal estimates, the most severe phenomena are more likely in the second part of winter, not in December. “, added the director of ANM.

It’s snowing. Photo Source: EVZ Archive

Christmas weather forecast 2023. Thermal values ​​above normal

ANM issued the weather forecast for the first part of December as well. This shows that temperatures will be above normal in most of the country.

The warmest would be in are announced in the western part of the country, as well as in the south, but also in the center of the country. After December 4, the thermal values ​​will be around those specific to the period. The minimums will reach during the night up to – 10 degrees Celsius.

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